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Why Do I Need A Tank Monitor?

Protect yourself from a propane runout!

tank monitor app north carolinaLife can get busy, but if you don’t remember to regularly check your propane tank gauge levels, it can create a lot of hassle. If you run out of propane, the solution isn’t to simply have Parker Gas come over and fill your tank.

If you run out of propane in cold weather, that means your home doesn’t have heat. And any time of year, you’ll be taking cold showers.

Emergency delivery comes with an additional fee. A pressure test is required for your propane tank before it can be used again. You’re also responsible for paying for that. All of your propane appliances must have their pilots re-lit by a professional before they can be used. That’s another expense for you.

That’s why Parker Gas makes having propane easy with our wireless propane tank monitoring from TankWatch! Once it’s installed, we know precisely how much propane is in your tank any time of day or night. As soon as it reaches a set level, we’re notified and make a delivery.

Wireless tank monitoring is FREE for Parker Gas customers who use propane for whole-house heating and/or water heating. Our other customers pay a small fee.

You’ll also always know how much propane you have, thanks to the Parker Gas TankWatch app.

What you get with wireless propane tank monitoring

There are several reasons why having a wireless propane tank monitor is beneficial.

Having a wireless tank monitor is great if your propane usage is irregular. This refers to those who travel frequently or live away at least part of the year. If you have many visitors, your propane consumption may rise considerably more than you think, owing to an increased usage of your gas water heater, range, clothes dryer, and other appliances.

You won’t have to worry about a sharp increase in usage putting you at risk for a runout if you use our wireless propane tank monitoring.

Wireless tank monitoring is a great investment for those who have second homes and investment properties. You can keep an eye on the propane supply from anywhere your phone gets a signal.

We don’t make unnecessary deliveries of smaller quantities of propane because we know exactly when you require propane. You’ll only receive propane when you truly need it.

We can now deliver propane to more customers per day because wireless tank monitoring streamlines our distribution schedule. It also enhances our customer service by allowing us to be more responsive if any of our customers need an emergency propane delivery.

Get convenience and peace of mind with Parker Gas’s wireless propane tank monitoring! Contact us today to get started.