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Benefits of Cooking With a Propane Stove

Cook like a pro with propane from Parker Gas!

gas stoves north carolinaWhether it’s your favorite local restaurant’s chef or a celebrity chef with a TV cooking show, they almost certainly use a gas stove. That’s because they know that gas stoves create better food than cooking with an electric stove.

If you have propane in your North Carolina home, you can have that better cooking wherever you live. You don’t need to have a natural gas utility in your neighborhood.

Parker Gas offers reliable propane delivery, with the options of Automatic Delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring. You’ll always be able to cook, whether it’s a weeknight supper or a holiday feast.

Why propane is best for cooking

You can quickly alter the settings on a propane stove. Electric stoves have slower burners that take longer to warm up and cool down. The time it takes electric stoves to heat up or cool down may make a significant difference, such as when you’re cooking chicken or steaks, or something delicate like fish.

Propane allows you more control over the heat. Electric cooktops have pre-set temperatures that can’t be adjusted. Propane gives you complete control over the heat, from low to high degrees depending on the meal.

Propane stoves distribute heat more equitably than electric stoves. Because the heat is dispersed more effectively, you’re less likely to scorch delicate foods like sauces or vegetables.

Many of today’s propane stoves have longer center burners that allow you to use griddles and grill pans while maintaining uniform heating, as opposed to the uneven heating you obtain when utilizing two smaller burners. It makes cooking everything from Sunday pancakes to weeknight burgers easy. Propane stoves also offer features like sealed burners for easier cleaning.

Tips for cooking with propane

Watch the burner’s flame color. If your propane range’s flame is yellow rather than blue, it is using energy in an inefficient manner and requires expert repair.

Keep the burner flame as low as possible. A higher flame on your gas range won’t necessarily speed up the cooking process, but it will certainly use more propane. Modern cookware is highly conductive and maintains heat effectively. You don’t always need as much fire as you think. Besides, if your burner flame is too high you may burn your food.

Use the right-sized burner for your pot or pan. Putting a small pot or pan on a large burner may end up wasting 40% of the burner’s heat. Some propane ranges also come with burners for faster boiling or proper simmering. For greater efficiency and better results, match the burner to the pan and the task.

When you have reliable propane delivery from Parker Gas, your propane stove will always have the fuel it needs to turn out terrific meals. Become a customer today!