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What Are Propane Cylinders Used For?

Discover everthing propane tanks can do!

propane tank uses north carolinaThe most common association people have with propane cylinders is BBQ grills. But that’s only the beginning of the way they’re used in both personal and commercial applications!

Propane cylinders come in a range of sizes for this wide array of uses. Whatever size propane cylinder you have, you can refill it during regular business hours at any of the six Parker Gas locations.

Here are just some of the ways propane cylinders are used beside in grills.

Outdoor living

Propane cylinders work in several ways to make your back yard better. With a propane firepit or outdoor fireplace, you create comfortable and cozy spaces to relax with friends or with a good book. Propane deck and patio heaters let you dine and entertain outdoors even if it’s a bit chilly after the sun goes down.

Camping and RVing

Hit the road with propane! Propane cylinders offer a lot for both campers and RVers. Propane can provide heat for inside your RV, water heating, gas for cooking, and power for refrigeration and other small appliances. Whether you’re camping or RVing, propane cylinders can power camp grills, insect traps, and tent heaters.


Propane forklifts offer distinct advantages over forklifts powered by gasoline or electricity. Unlike gasoline forklifts, propane forklifts can be used both indoors and out because they don’t create dangerous emissions. They are also dramatically more powerful than electric forklifts, especially outdoors and on inclines. When a propane cylinder runs out of fuel, all you have to do is swap out the empty cylinder for a full one. Electric forklifts take eight hours or longer to recharge.


Whether your landscaping business does residences, commercial sites, golf courses or resorts, propane commercial mowers and other landscaping equipment offer many benefits. The lack of emissions is safer for your workers. Refueling is fast and easy with propane cylinders. And because there aren’t emissions, you have an edge with customers who are value environmental friendliness.


Farmers work hard. Propane works hard for farmers. With propane cylinders, you can power generators, forklifts, space heaters, and more. Propane flame weed control is safer for you and the environment, and you can get back to work in that field as soon as you’re done.

Hospitality and foodservice

Propane cylinders are used at restaurants and other outdoor dining venues for deck and patio heaters as well as firepits and outdoor fireplaces. Food trucks use propane cylinders for gas cooking.

However you’re using propane cylinders, you can get them quickly refilled at all six of Parker Gas’s locations! Contact us today to learn more.