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Are You Ready For a New Grill?

Visit one of Parker Gas’s showrooms!

grill buying tips north carolinaWith warmer weather finally returning to North Carolina, we’re ready to get outside.

One of the things many of us are looking forward to is grilling. If your old grill is no longer working for you, whether because of age or you need to upgrade in terms of size of features, Parker Gas can help! We sell propane gas grills of outstanding quality from top makers Bayou Classic and Wilmington Grill.

We make it easy because you can find a grill at all six of our showrooms! Parker Gas showrooms are in Smithfield, Newton Grove, Fayetteville, Clinton, Wilmington, and Mt. Olive. No driving long distances, no dealing with big-box stores where you won’t get knowledgeable, courteous, friendly service as you do when you come to a Parker Gas showroom. Our propane appliance experts will make sure you get the right grill that fits your needs and your budget.

How to choose a propane grill

There are a lot of great options in our showrooms when it comes to propane grills. Knowing which one is right for you may seem a little daunting. Our experts are here to help you figure it out.

Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for your new propane grill.

How many people will you be grilling for? A good rule to go by is that you need at least 100 square inches of grill space for each person you’re feeding. So, an average family of four needs a grill with at least 400 square inches of grill space. However, if your home is frequently the hub for big family reunions or neighborhood cookouts, you may want to go bigger.

What will you be grilling? Some people grill the basics: burgers and hot dogs, steaks, chicken breasts. Others are more adventurous, grilling fish or fruit, and even smoking meat like pork shoulder. For the basics crowd, you can choose a simple grill without a lot of bells and whistles. But if you’re expanding your grilling game, there are all sorts of add-ons such as smoker boxes, infrared grilling for restaurant-level searing, multiple grill levels, and rotisseries. If you do plan on using indirect grilling for foods like ribs, make sure your grill has at least three burners.

Once you have your new propane grill, you can also count on Parker Gas for the propane for it. Come use our propane cylinder refill service during our regular business hours at all six of our offices.