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Easy Pay: A Solution for Volatile Propane Prices

Parker Gas is here to help

propane payment options north carolinaThis is a period of great anxiety regarding fuel costs. We are very concerned about how distressing this is for many of our clients, and we are uneasy as well.

Times like these are why, years ago, we created Easy Pay budget plan. We disperse your whole fuel expenditures evenly over the year with Easy Pay rather than you getting stuck with larger propane costs in the winter.

Another benefit of Easy Pay is that you won’t have to pay extra to participate. There will be no costs associated with signing up for this program!

How does Easy Pay work?

Our calculation of your monthly payment starts by reviewing your past fuel use. Then:

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars every delivery, you may save more than 50% on your winter propane payments! We’ll make any necessary adjustments to your payments throughout the winter if your real expenses are a bit higher or lower than we estimated.

Customers have recently signed up for Easy Pay since they understand it to be an effective to make a difficult situation easier to manage.

Consider it from this standpoint: Would you rather make mortgage payments for five months or twelve? Many people, on the other hand, only spend 80% of their propane gas expenses in four or five months. As a result, they must make significant winter payments.

Enrolling in Easy Pay has no effect on how much propane you use. You don’t use more propane than usual. It does not affect your delivery schedule.

The most significant advantage of Easy Pay is that your expenses are more regular and manageable in an era when fuel costs vary dramatically. You only pay one monthly payment even if you get two deliveries in a month. You won’t need to worry about a big propane delivery bill at a time when you have other expenses like the holidays or a tuition payment.

We’re on Your Side

We provide the best pricing we can while also ensuring that your home is kept comfortable with dependable propane delivery.

Many of you have been with us for a long time. It’s frustrating to charge such high propane prices. Unfortunately, the prices imposed by our suppliers limit our choices severely. You may count on us to do everything feasible to help you during this trying time.

We appreciate your trust in us and promise to do everything possible to look after your family, regardless of how propane costs change. If you are having difficulty with your Parker Gas payments, please reach out to us before you fall behind so we can work out a solution.