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How to Recertify Your Propane Cylinder

Parker Gas makes it easy!

grill tank service north carolinaWith summer grilling season close at hand, it’s time to get ready for using your propane grill. Part of that task involves checking to see if your propane cylinder needs to be recertified.

Propane cylinders are only certified for 12 years after their year of manufacture. To be recertified, you must take it to a certified propane dealer like Parker Gas. An uncertified cylinder will not be filled at a propane refill station.

How do you know if you need to recertify your propane cylinder? Look at the collar of the cylinder, where you will find stamped markings. A date is stamped near the valve. That is the month and year it was manufactured. For example, if it reads “6-14,” it means your cylinder was manufactured in June of 2014. 

If your propane cylinder needs to be recertified, we’ve made it simple for you! Simply bring your cylinder to any Parker Gas location during our regular business hours. We’ll check it and, if it’s still safe to use, recertify it. There’s usually a 24-hour turnaround time on inspections for recertification.

Recertifications are valid for five years.

We also provide propane cylinder refills, so get your cylinder refilled so you’re ready for the next cookout.

Propane cylinder safety tips

Come to any one of our six locations to get your cylinder not only recertified but filled so you’ll have enough propane for your next cookout!