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Propane Appliances & the Supply Chain

Get the most out of your home appliances

appliance efficiency north carolinaWhether it’s infant formula or computer chips, supply chain problems have been making it challenging for people and businesses.

As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, these supply chain issues have lingered thanks to a variety of factors. We are seeing this in the propane appliance side of our business.

That’s why we recommend that if you are thinking about replacing your old propane appliances or adding propane appliances to your home, get in touch with us now to get on our list so we can secure the propane appliances you want.

We are in constant communication with manufacturers and our suppliers to keep an adequate supply of propane appliances and parts on hand. We also recommend that you have regular maintenance done on your propane appliances, so they last longer and reduce your risk of having to replace them after a breakdown.

We at Parker Gas appreciate your patience and understanding as we get through this challenging time.

What are the supply chain issues?

The supply chain is complex and can be disrupted by one or multiple factors. We have been seeing this at work for the past couple of years.

Last year, there were issues with supplying propane tanks and cylinders thanks to a shortage of steel as well as high demand for other tank components such as valves and gauges.

The changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic also impact the supply chain when it comes to propane appliances. Rising prices for materials, labor shortages, and shortages of everything from metals to microchips have all played a role.

Consumer demand was also dramatically affected by the pandemic. More people began to work at home and have embraced remote work as a permanent thing. The real estate market boomed as more people took advantage of low interest rates and being freed from having to live in expensive metropolitan areas for work to buy homes. One report said that 70% of homeowners had some kind of home improvement or renovation project done during the first two years of the pandemic.

Contact us to get started on adding propane appliances to your home!