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Upgrade Your Grill With These Summer Specials!

Enjoy grilling with propane even more!

bbq grills north carolinaThere’s a lot to enjoy about summer here in Eastern North Carolina. We have the best beaches, outstanding weather, and loads of opportunities for outdoor fun.

Something else to love is all the great opportunities to grill. Whether it’s the catch of the day, burgers and hot dogs for a cookout, or a quick weeknight dinner of kebabs or barbequed chicken, there’s always something great to put on your grill.

If your grill is on its last legs, now is a perfect time to upgrade to a propane grill from Parker Gas! We’re offering some great summer deals through July 31, so head on over to your nearest showroom.

Also, you can refill your grill’s propane cylinder during regular business hours at any of our locations.

Our propane grill specials

We carry an outstanding selection of grills from top makers such as Blaze, Wilmington Grill, and Bayou Classic. Here’s what we’re offering to save you money while you elevate your grilling.

Why propane is the way to grill

Did you know that about 80% of the grills in this country are gas-fired, and most of those are run on propane? That’s because propane grills are easy to use, convenient, and give great results!

You don’t have to do any of the work associated with building a fire and cleaning up afterward when using propane, as you do with a charcoal grill. Just turn on the supply valve, turn on the grill, and in just minutes, you’re ready to grill. When you use propane to grill, there is no strong smoky flavor or odor to overpower your meal.

Features like side burners, smoker boxes, multi-level grilling surfaces, rotisseries, and more may be added to your grill.

Reminder: These deals end July 31 so act now! Get in touch with us or visit one of our showrooms to learn more.