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Summer Propane Safety Tips

Enjoy your summer by playing it safe!

grilling tips north carolinaYou know that propane can do a lot in your home. It can also do a lot outside!

Propane BBQ grills are the most popular kind of grill in the country because they’re easy and convenient to use. Parker Gas carries a selection of outstanding propane grills from Blaze, Wilmington Grill, and Bayou Classic.

Grilling is just the beginning when it comes to helping you enjoy outdoor living! Propane pool and spa heaters get your water warm exponentially faster than electricity, saving you a lot on energy costs. Propane deck and patio heaters let you enjoy dining al fresco even if it’s a bit chilly out after dark. Create comfortable gathering spaces with propane firepits and outdoor fireplaces. Get rid of bugs with propane insect traps.

Take propane cylinders on your RV or camping trip. They can be used for refrigeration, cooking, and water heating in your RV. They can also power tent heaters and camp stoves.

You can get your propane cylinders refilled at any one of our six locations.

To enjoy all these benefits, you need to know about propane safety. We’ve put together some tips so you can be assured you’re putting safety first.

Propane cylinder safety

Propane cylinders should not be kept indoors or in a garage, shed, carport, sunporch, or any other enclosed location.

Outdoor propane cylinders should be stored upright, on a dry surface, and out of direct sunlight. Wet ground can cause the cylinder to rust.

Propane cylinders should also be kept at least three feet away from fire and spark-causing equipment, such as your grill.

When exchanging your propane cylinders, keep them upright. Even a cylinder you believe to be empty may hold enough liquid propane to leak if it is positioned on its side.

Don’t leave a cylinder in your vehicle for too long, especially if it’s hot outside. It’s best to go straight home from your cylinder refill station. If you can’t, make the cylinder refill the final stop on your errands before heading home.

Be safe with propane grilling

Whether you’re grilling up a quick weeknight supper or hosting a big cookout, never leave safety off the menu! 

Clean your propane grill, not just the grates, regularly. Empty your grills grease trap before using your grill. One in five grill fires is caused by leftover grease.

When starting up your grill, keep the lid open until you are certain the grill is fully lit.

Do not use your propane grill indoors or in a covered or enclosed area like a garage or carport. Carbon monoxide, an invisible and odorless gas that can be fatal if breathed in large quantities, can build up to dangerous levels.

Place the grill on a flat, level surface to reduce the risk of it tipping over.
The grill must be at least five feet away from the house, outdoor furniture, trees, shrubs, and other combustibles.

Keep children and pets away from the grill.

Never leave a lit grill unattended. Before you start the grill, make sure you have all of your supplies on hand such as tongs, gloves, brushes, sauces, food, and platters.

Don’t use your grill if the igniter is faulty. Look into upgrading to a new grill with an automatic igniter.

Whether it’s propane cylinder refills or upgrading to a new propane grill, Parker Gas helps you make your summer outdoor living great! Contact us with any propane safety questions you have, and we’ll be happy to help.