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Autogas: Why Make the Switch With Your Fleet?

You get efficiency, money savings, and more!

propane van conversion north carolinaBetween climate change and recent instability in fuel costs, many businesses, municipalities, and school districts are looking for alternatives to gasoline and diesel to fuel their fleet vehicles.

You get better performance, money savings, and environmental friendliness when you convert your fleet to propane autogas! Parker Gas makes it easy to switch to autogas, providing assistance with converting your vehicles to run on autogas, installing filling stations at your location, and providing reliable autogas delivery tailored to your needs.

Read on to discover more about how propane autogas can boost your bottom line.

Reducing overhead costs

On average, autogas is 30% less expensive than gasoline. Even in the face of high oil prices, the price difference between gasoline and autogas has remained consistent. 

Diesel vehicles are four times more expensive to run than autogas vehicles. When you include tax credits, incentives, loans, and other benefits available for switching your fleet vehicles to autogas, the savings grow even more!

Autogas also has long-term benefits when it comes to saving money. The reduction of engine wear is one of the most significant advantages that autogas provides. Because of the decreased engine wear, your vehicles will last a lot longer. Maintenance expenses are lower as a result of reduced engine wear. You will get a higher return on your investment and spend less money by not having to repair or replace your vehicles as frequently.

It’s simpler and more efficient to monitor your fleet’s fueling and usage when it is fueled with autogas. You’ll be able to track precisely how much fuel your fleet is using because the filling is done on-site rather than at other locations. Your employees won’t have to deal with receipts or reimbursements, streamlining your fuel management even more. Using autogas almost eliminates fuel theft, providing even more money savings.

Energy security

Because crude oil is extracted across the world, global markets and factors such as geopolitical conflicts and natural catastrophes can have a significant influence on gasoline and diesel pricing.
That’s been especially obvious the past few months.

Autogas is made in the United States. You won’t have to worry about conflict, sanctions, or natural disasters overseas disrupting your autogas supply. By fueling your fleet with propane autogas from Parker Gas, you are bolstering America’s energy independence!

A more Earth-friendly fuel

Did you know that by converting to autogas, you can slash your fleet’s carbon emissions by 60%? That reduction of emissions is also safer and healthier for your employees who won’t be inhaling gasoline or diesel exhaust fumes.

Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane does not harm air, water, soil, plant life, aquatic life, or marine life in the rare event of a leak.

Your employees won’t be breathing in gasoline exhaust fumes. You’ll have a competitive edge over your competition with customers and taxpayers prioritizing environmental responsibility thanks to the significantly lower emissions autogas provides.

Are you interested in learning more about autogas services from Parker Gas? Get in touch with us and our commercial propane experts will be happy to help!