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Is It Time to Get a New Water Heater?

Upgrade to a high-efficiency propane water heater!

water heaters north carolinaIf your home’s water heater is 10 years old or older, you are on borrowed time. The average life expectancy of a water heater is 10 years. If your water heater has not been properly maintained that life expectancy could be even shorter.

Parker Gas is here for you with expert propane water heater sales, installation, and service. We are a certified Advanced Comfort Expert dealer of Rinnai water heaters, long seen as the gold standard when it comes to water heaters. We can also help you get rebates for your qualifying water heater.

Signs your water heater needs to be replaced

An unexplained increase in energy costs. Water heating accounts for 20% of your home’s energy costs. If your energy usage and costs have jumped, your water heater may be the reason.

A big repair bill. It’s time to replace your water heater if the cost of repair is more than 50% of the price of a new water heater.

Rusty water. When you use hot water and the water coming out of the faucet is rusty, your water heater’s tank has begun to corrode and will likely soon fail.

Leaking. If water is pooling on the floor beneath or around your water heater, it’s a sure sign that it’s nearing its end.

Odd noises. When your water heater makes gurgling or growling noises when it’s running, it usually indicates that sediment built up in the tank. The accumulation of sediment can lead to corrosion and tank failure.

What kind of water heater should I buy?

You have a choice today when it comes to water heaters. The two main choices in propane water heaters are the conventional storage water heaters, which have a tank, and tankless water heaters.
There are advantages to each of them and our propane appliance experts will thoroughly discuss your needs and budget to make sure you get the right water heater for you.
Water heaters with a tank are less expensive to purchase and install. Their simple operation allows maintenance and repairs to generally be affordable.
Tankless water heaters cost more upfront to buy and install. However, they can be a very smart investment because they can last twice as long, or even longer, than water heaters with a tank.
You get endless hot water, on demand, with a propane tankless water heater. You don’t have to wait for hot water between showers, and you can take a shower at the same time the dishwasher is running.

Because a tankless water heater only provides hot water when you need it, replacing your current water heater with a tankless one can save you up to 40% on water heating energy costs.

There is also no tank to fail and cause water damage in your home when you choose a propane tankless water heater.
Get superior comfort while saving on energy costs with a new, high-efficiency propane water heater installed by Parker Gas! Contact us today to get started.