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Safety Tips for Winter Propane Deliveries

Make sure that Parker Gas can deliver your propane

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While we may not get the blizzards that people up in the Great Lakes or Upper Midwest do, winter weather can still play havoc on our lives here in eastern North Carolina. Cold rains, wind, and occasional sleet and freezing rain can make getting around difficult.

Winter weather can also pose challenges for the propane delivery drivers at Parker Gas. We are dedicated to upholding stringent safety standards, and that applies to our propane delivery as well. If our drivers cannot safely get down your driveway or do not have safe access to your propane tank, we will not be able to make the delivery and you’ll be without the propane your home needs for heating, water heating, cooking, and more.

There are some things you can do to ensure that your propane delivery is made. The first is to make sure that your driveway is navigable. If the driveway is icy, please use ice melt or sand as our delivery trucks are much heavier than most vehicles that use your driveway. This is especially important if your driveway is on an incline.

Keep Parker Gas in the loop

Many of our customers use our Automatic Delivery service to get their propane. We use the latest software along with a tried-and-true calculation that uses your propane usage and current weather. With that information, we know when you’ll need a delivery and make it before you run low.

If you are an Automatic Delivery customer, we ask that you inform us if you’re going to be away from home for more than a week as your prior usage is a factor in calculating when you’ll need a propane delivery. Letting us know ahead of time that you’ll be away can prevent an unnecessary delivery.

Parker Gas offers TankWatch® wireless propane tank monitoring for people who want absolute precision when it comes to managing their propane supply. Here’s how it works.

  1. Parker Gas installs the TankWatch monitor on your tank. Since your tank is outdoors, you don’t need to be here when the installation is done.
  2. The TankWatch monitor uses wireless and cellular technology like that on your smartphone to keep Parker Gas informed 24/7 about exactly how much propane is in your tank. You can use the Parker Gas TankWatch app on your phone to track your propane supply as well!
  3. When your tank gauge reaches a set level, the TankWatch monitor sends us a notification. When we receive it, we promptly schedule a delivery to your home. You don’t have to do a thing!

Our TankWatch wireless propane tank monitoring is ideal for anyone who wants peace of mind when it comes to always having propane. There are some customers, however, for whom tank monitoring is ideal.

Owners of second homes or income properties. You no longer need to check your propane tank gauges in person or rely on tenants to ensure your properties have propane because TankWatch does it for you.

People who manage affairs for elderly relatives. Caregiving is a lot of work. With TankWatch wireless propane tank monitoring, the work of managing your loved one’s propane supply is off your to-do list.

Frequent travelers or those who live elsewhere for part of the year. When you’re away from home for extended periods of time, it can be difficult to predict your propane usage. Fortunately, with TankWatch wireless propane tank monitoring, you’ll never have to worry about running out. The monitor insures you’ll get your propane delivered precisely when you need it!

Looking for the best propane delivery in eastern North Carolina? Become a Parker Gas customer for dependable Automatic Delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring!