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Propane Grills vs. Charcoal Grills

Which is better for your back yard?

gas grills raleigh, nc Winter is winding down, and many of us are looking forward to the coming grilling season.

If you’re looking to up your grilling game, Parker Gas is here for you! We sell top-quality propane grills from Bayou Classic and Wilmington. You can come to any of our six offices during regular business hours for propane tank refills!

Another option is that we connect your grill to your home’s propane tank and with our reliable propane delivery, you’ll always have propane for your grill.

Are you trying to decide between propane and charcoal for grilling? Here are three key advantages propane offers.

Hassle-free dinners

With life being so busy, who has the time to cook with charcoal? It’s a process—first you have to get out that bag of charcoal and fill up the grill or chimney. Then it takes about half an hour for your fire to be prepared enough for grilling.

Once your meal is finished, you’re still left with the dirty task of disposing of ashes that can easily leave soot on both your hands and clothing.

Propane grilling offers the convenience and ease of use that you can’t get with charcoal. All you need to do is open the gas valve, switch on your burners, push down an igniter button, and it’s ready for cooking in a few minutes! Cleanup is equally fast: just turn off all components after using them, quickly scrub away any remaining food pieces from your grates and voilà! You’re done!

Unmatched versatility

Propane grills are unmatched in their precision and control. With just a simple twist of the knob, you can customize the flame to your desired temperature and grill whatever you like! No charcoal grill offers this kind of accuracy or convenience, making propane grills perfect for those who want to elevate their grilling experience.

Delicious results

Propane outshines charcoal in multiple ways when it comes to the mouth-watering possibilities of a grill.

By using precise temperature control, you can guarantee consistently superior grilling. Your steak will be cooked to perfection just the way you like it every time. The pork tenderloin also comes out perfectly succulent.

Let the natural flavors of your food shine through with propane grilling: no more overpowering them with smoke! With a propane grill, seasonings and flavors in fish, fruits, and vegetables become even brighter.

Safety best practices for propane cylinders

Never store propane cylinders indoors or in a garage, shed, carport, sunporch, or any other enclosed space.

Store propane cylinders outdoors in a shady spot on an even and dry surface. When the ground is damp, rust may form on the cylinder.

Keep your propane cylinders away from any source of fire or anything that could produce a spark.
Always keep your propane cylinders in an upright position when taking them for refilling or exchanging. Even though you may assume a cylinder is empty, liquid propane gas could still leak out if it’s on its side.

Avoid leaving a cylinder inside your vehicle for extended periods of time, particularly in the hot summer months. It is highly recommended to drive straight home after filling up or exchanging cylinders, so make it the last errand before heading home.

With refill stations at all six Parker Gas offices, you can be assured that you’ll always have propane for your grill! Find the cylinder refill station nearest you.