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Need Propane Services for Your Farm? We Can Help!

Parker Gas is the agricultural propane services company you can trust

farm propane Smithfield, nc Farming is a demanding way of life. Propane as a farm fuel can make it easier to balance efficiency, costs, and environmental friendliness!

Parker Gas is a leader in providing Eastern North Carolina farms with customized propane services that make having propane easy and cost-effective. We provide bulk propane delivery tailored to your needs, along with forklift propane cylinder exchange services, frost protection equipment and support services, standard and custom propane tanks, tank vaporizers, and support for propane-powered grain, fruit, and nut drying.

How Propane Is Used On Farms

Heating – From barns to greenhouses, propane can be used to keep all of the outbuildings on a farm running efficiently while providing reliable water heating. Propane is an energy-efficient solution that works with multiple buildings and structures all over the farm.

Generators – When a farm is hit with an extended power outage, the effects can be catastrophic. Propane standby generators offer a solution by automatically activating when electricity fails, providing uninterrupted lighting and temperature control to protect animals and safeguard tender plants in greenhouses. With this reliable back-up system, farms have greater assurance of maintaining steady operations no matter what!

Equipment – Propane is quickly becoming the energy source of choice for agricultural machines, providing an eco-friendly option to power irrigation equipment. Additionally, propane forklifts offer a secure and reliable way to transport hay bales or feed bags both outdoors and indoors – such as in sheds or barns.

Weed control – Unchecked weeds in your fields can lead to severe financial losses, yet utilizing chemical herbicides is detrimental not only to the environment but also poses a serious health risk for those who work with them.

Not only are herbicides pricey to purchase, but the wait for you and your employees to get back into the fields afterwards also costs you time.

Propane-powered flame weed control is not only a more efficient way to clear away weeds, it also allows you to get back to work quickly without being exposed to hazardous toxins. Furthermore, there are no chemicals leaking into your soil or seeping down into the groundwater!

Crop drying – Save money and decrease your carbon footprint with propane-powered crop dryers! They are 50% more fuel efficient than other fuels for crop drying, so you can do your part for the environment while staying within budget.

By harnessing the power of propane, you can take advantage of more BTUs and expedite your crop drying process.

By using on-site propane crop drying, you can ensure higher yields and a reduced risk of loss. What’s more, you’ll be able to save money by avoiding outsourcing your crop drying.

Frost control – North Carolina ranks seventh nationally for both peaches and apples. Whatever crop you are protecting, propane-powered orchard heaters protect that crop from the devastating damage frost can cause. It also does it safely, without the risk of fuel spills posed by gasoline-powered heaters.

Looking for dependable propane services for your Eastern North Carolina farm? Contact Parker Gas today for a consultation!