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Forklift Tank Service to Keep Your Operations Running!

Your business can count on Parker Gas!

propane forklift services Wilmington, nc

Most people associate propane cylinders with their back yard grill. However, propane cylinders come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all kinds of uses.

One of those uses may help your business be more productive and help facilitate profits and growth. Propane-powered forklifts offer many advantages and Parker Gas can help you gain those with our forklift propane cylinder exchange service.

Businesses that use propane forklifts

Some industries that use propane forklifts include:

Our commercial propane experts will go over your business and how you use forklifts. With that information, we’ll set up a forklift propane cylinder exchange program for your business.

Thanks to Parker Gas being a local business, we are responsive in ways big, national propane companies are not. We customize your forklift cylinder exchange service to your needs and can adjust them on a dime as your needs grow and change. Our service agreements are flexible, allowing you to go long-term or month-to-month.

We’ll set up a clean, secure storage cage at your site, and train your employees in the safe use and handling of propane cylinders.

Benefits of propane forklifts for your business

Businesses here in Eastern North Carolina and around the country are discovering the ways that using propane forklifts is a better option than using forklifts powered by electricity or gasoline.

Productivity - Electric forklifts present a major productivity roadblock since their full battery recharge requires up to eight hours of downtime. Fortunately, propane-powered forklifts offer an easy and efficient fix: with only five minutes or less needed for workers to swap out the empty cylinder with a new one, you can enjoy quicker uptime and improved efficiency!

Indoor and outdoor use – If you are looking for a forklift to use both indoors and out, propane is the way to go. Unlike gasoline-powered models which produce emissions that make them unsafe for indoor operation, propane produces no emissions at all so it can be used safely in any environment.

Power - When it comes to power, propane forklifts offer a remarkable advantage over electric models. With peak performance and power that remain constant until the cylinder needs to be replaced, you can get maximum efficiency for an extended period of time. Electric forklifts steadily diminish in strength as their batteries deplete. Propane forklifts are a reliable choice for heavy lifting and navigating inclines. Not only that, but their power is truly remarkable – they can sustain up to eight hours of continuous operation on just one cylinder!

Use wet or dry - Propane forklifts are not only capable of operating in wet or dry conditions, but they can also bring materials from outside destinations into your warehouse (or the other way around) even when it’s raining. Unlike electric models, propane forklifts offer a safe and convenient solution that ensures work gets done regardless of the weather.

Clean burning means less maintenance - Not only does propane burn cleanly, but it decreases the need for servicing your forklift engine and lengthens its life. What’s perfect is that you are also helping to protect the environment by utilizing a fuel source that doesn’t add pollutants from coal- and natural-gas fired power plants into our atmosphere.

Get the most reliable and responsive forklift propane service in North Carolina! Contact Parker Gas today to get started.