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Storing Your Grill Tank in the Winter

Always have a full tank with grill tank refills from Parker Gas!

grill tank Wilmington, nc With fall here, you may be thinking that grilling season is winding down. And you may be wondering what to do with the grill tank.

One thing to do with it is refill it! Parker Gas has propane tank refill stations available during regular business hours at every one of its offices. You can still use your grill in the winter, and it’s handy to use in the event of a power outage.

Unlike gasoline, propane doesn’t go bad after a few months, so filling your grill tank now means you’ll be able to use it next spring as well and won’t be stuck wanting to grill and not having a full grill tank.

How do I store my grill tank?

We’ve put together some important directions for storing your propane grill tank over the winter.

  1. Turn the tank off. If you plan on keeping your grill outdoors over the winter, it’s safe to keep the grill tank connected. Just remember to turn off the supply valve.
  2. Check for leaks. Before storing your tank, perform a thorough inspection to ensure there are no leaks. Carefully examine the valves, tank itself, and the connector hose. Conduct this inspection outdoors, in a well-lit and well-ventilated area, and keep a safe distance from any open flames or potential ignition sources.
  3. Keep the tank outdoors. If you are putting your grill away for the winter in an indoor space, the tank must be kept outdoors as it is not safe to store grill tanks indoors or in an enclosed area like a sunporch or carport.
  4. Protect the tank from the elements. To prevent snow and ice from accumulating on your propane tank, it is recommended to utilize a plastic tarp as a protective cover. While cold temperatures do not pose a threat to the tank itself, the accumulation of moisture could potentially result in rust formation that can damage the tank. By implementing this simple precautionary measure, you can safeguard your propane tank from potential damage. Also keep your tank upright and on a level surface to protect against leaks. Don’t plane your propane tank directly on the ground as that can also cause rust to form on the bottom of the tank. Place it on a paved or gravel surface, or on a raised wood pallet.

Winter grilling tips

If you’re using your propane grill in the winter, it’s important to know how to do it properly and safely.

When choosing a location for your grill, it is best to position it as close to your house as possible. This provides convenient access and makes it easier to transport food between the grill and your kitchen. By keeping the grill nearby, you reduce the risk of accidents by slipping on an icy or wet surface.

Ensure that the grill is placed at a safe distance from your home to prevent fires or damage to the siding. Additionally, it is absolutely vital to never use your grill indoors or in covered areas such as garages or carports, as this significantly increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

While grilling, exercise caution to avoid any contact between the flame and your coat or other outerwear.

Come to your nearest Parker Gas office to have your grill tanks refilled!