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When To Call In A Home Heating Pro

Parker Gas is here to help with your heating needs

home heating clinton, nc When it comes to home heating, propane is the best, hands-down!

That’s because it gives you outstanding comfort with fast, even heating. You also get much better energy efficiency than electric home heating options, including heat pumps.

Parker Gas can help your home stay warm and comfortable all winter long. We sell, install, and service propane space heaters. Not only do they provide outstanding heating or supplemental heating in your living spaces, but they can also be used to heat garages, workshops, and accessory dwelling units.

What are come common furnace problems?

The furnace won’t produce heat: The furnace isn’t producing heat: It is completely natural to feel concerned when your furnace fails to generate heat for your home. However, there’s no need to panic. There could be a straightforward solution that will promptly restore warmth to your living space.

First, check your thermostat to ensure it’s turned on and set to “Heat.” If it is, increase the temperature by at least five degrees from the current temperature in your house. If the furnace still doesn’t activate, go to your home’s circuit breaker and check if the circuit for the furnace has tripped. If it has, switch it back on and observe the outcome. If the furnace continues to fail in producing heat, you’ll need a professional service technician to fix it.

The furnace does not produce enough heat: If your furnace is running but failing to sufficiently warm your house, the issue may lie with your air filter. A dirty and clogged air filter is often the culprit behind subpar furnace performance. Take a moment to inspect it and replace it if necessary.

To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to regularly inspect your furnace’s air filter and replace it when it becomes dirty. If you have pets, it is advisable to check and replace the filter more frequently, as it can accumulate dander and fur.

The furnace is cycling on and off frequently: Excessive furnace cycling can often be attributed to a dirty air filter. If you’ve already checked and cleaned the air filter, the issue may lie with the blower, and you’ll need a service call.

If the blower continues to run, regardless of the air being at the desired temperature, it is another indication of a potential problem.

The heating isn’t even: If you’re experiencing uneven heating in your rooms or home, there might be a simple solution. Take a walk around your home and inspect the vents. Ensure that they are open and unobstructed. Next, check for any obstacles like draperies, furniture, or other objects that may impede the free circulation of heated air. Relocate them if necessary and observe if it improves the situation. If the issue isn’t resolved with these steps, it’s best to call in a professional service technician.

Parker Gas offers expert propane appliance installation and service. Contact us today to learn more!