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Propane Service in Clinton, NC

Choose Parker Gas for propane delivery, propane tanks and equipment services for your home or business

Families and businesses in Clinton know they can trust Parker Gas for dependable propane delivery and a range of propane services. We’ve been serving communities in the Tar Heel State since 1958. We bring all our skills and experience to ensure our customers feel comfortable with us.

Propane Service in Clinton, NC

When you become a Parker Gas propane customer, you’ll enjoy the following:

No-stress automatic propane delivery. We can handle the scheduling for you! Parker Gas’s computerized system calculates your fuel levels, and we deliver propane to you before you run low. Our TankWatch® wireless propane tank monitoring gives you peace of mind by knowing exactly how much fuel is in your tank at all times.

Professional propane tank installation and leasing. Affordability, convenience and confidence — when you lease a propane tank from us, you enjoy all three. This is the most worry-free way to switch your home to propane without huge installation or maintenance expenses.

Fantastic propane equipment services. Propane is an amazingly versatile fuel, and Parker Gas helps you get the most from it. Come to our Clinton office showroom and take a look at our top-of-the-line propane products, including:

  • water heaters
  • gas grills
  • space heaters
  • fireplace inserts and gas logs
  • generators

We can install your product and service it for years to come!

Commercial propane services. We’re here to supply premium propane for your business, work site, vehicle fleet, farm or another commercial account. Our commercial services include:

  • bulk propane delivery
  • agricultural services
  • forklift cylinders
  • propane autogas

Propane cylinder refills. If you need to fill up a portable propane cylinder for your grill, patio heater or RV, come by our Clinton office during business hours. We are always happy to refill your cylinder!

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Propane Services available to our Clinton, NC customers

  • propane delivery
  • propane tank installation and leasing
  • propane cylinder refills
  • wireless propane tank monitoring
  • propane appliance showroom
  • commercial propane services
  • propane forklift services
  • propane autogas services

Meet the Clinton office team

North Carolina households and businesses know they can rely on Parker Gas. Our Clinton office has a skilled, experienced and friendly team ready to assist you with any propane need. Never hesitate to contact us with questions.

Parker Gas customers can rest assured that we’ll provide:

  • dependable propane delivery service
  • safety and responsiveness as a top priority
  • expert propane appliance installation, service and repairs
  • answers to your home comfort questions

Propane customer FAQs

Q. How do I arrange propane deliveries from Parker Gas?

We offer two ways to receive propane in Clinton, NC. Most customers prefer our low-stress Automatic Delivery option. Our automatic customers never need to check tank gauges or call for deliveries. We track your fuel usage and deliver propane before you run too low — at no extra cost.

If you prefer to call us for fuel, we also offer Will-Call delivery. Remember, you will be responsible for monitoring your tank levels and reaching out to us when they fall to 25%.

Q. I need a propane tank. Should I rent or buy?

If you own your propane tank, you’re in control of which company fills it and repairs it if there’s a problem. However, that also means being responsible for installation, upkeep and repairs. You don’t need to concern yourself with any of that when you lease a tank from us. It’s the stress-free option that most households choose.

Q. Does Parker Gas offer wireless propane tank monitoring?

Our TankWatch® tank monitoring service is free for customers who use propane for heating and/or hot water systems. With TankWatch, both you and the Parker Gas team can track your fuel levels in real-time. Parker Gas even gets a notification when it’s time to deliver more propane. If you’re often away from home — or you manage the propane deliveries of an older relative — then TankWatch is an excellent option.

Q. Can I paint my propane tank a darker color?

No. Propane tanks are light colors to reflect heat away. This prevents your propane from expanding too much on hot days. Painting your tank a darker color can create a safety issue. We suggest that customers who want to mask their propane tank do so with fencing, shrubs or lattices. Please make sure we can still access the tank for propane deliveries.

Q. What do I do if there’s a propane leak at my home?

Propane has an odorant that smells like rotten eggs. This odor will alert you to a potential gas leak. Get everyone away from the affected area. Put out any open flames like candles or cigarettes. Don’t use phones or light switches, which can produce a spark. Call emergency services and Parker Gas ONLY when you are clear of the leak. If you have any propane safety questions, the Parker Gas team will be happy to answer them.

Does your Clinton area home need a dependable propane service partner? Become a Parker Gas customer today!