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Propane Service in Fayetteville, NC

Propane delivery, tanks, equipment and service for homes and businesses

Propane Service in Fayetteville, NC

In Fayetteville and throughout Cumberland County, Parker Gas is the most trusted propane service provider for households and businesses. Our customers enjoy a slate of top-tier products and services, including:

Propane delivery. With our no-fee Automatic Delivery option, you don’t need to worry about check a gauge, calling for delivery or ever running out! We’ll monitor your tank levels and deliver fuel before you run low. There’s no stress and no extra charge.

Propane tank services. Lease a top-quality propane tank from Parker Gas. It’s an affordable, worry-free option, and we handle installation and maintenance.

Propane systems and appliances. Are you taking advantage of all the amenities that propane offers? Swing by our showroom and let us show you a world of comfort and convenience. We sell, install and service:

  • water heaters
  • grills
  • space heating solutions
  • hearth products
  • generators

Propane cylinder refilling. If the propane cylinder for your grill, RV, portable generator or space heater is running low, just come to our Fayetteville office during business hours. We can refill your propane cylinder right away!

Commercial propane services. Local businesses, farms, work sites, landscapers and municipalities all count on Parker Gas for bulk propane. We stock warehouses with forklift cylinders and offer propane autogas services, too.

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Propane Services available to our Clinton, NC customers

  • propane delivery
  • propane tank installation and leasing
  • propane cylinder refills
  • wireless propane tank monitoring
  • propane appliance showroom
  • commercial propane services
  • propane forklift services
  • propane autogas services

You can count on our Fayetteville office team!

At Parker Gas, we care deeply about your comfort and want to bring all our propane knowledge to keep your home warm and safe. The team at Fayetteville can answer any question you have. Don’t hesitate to call us or drop by the office when we’re open.

As a Parker Gas customer, you can count on us for:

  • reliable propane delivery
  • unparalleled commitment to diligent, safe service
  • propane appliance installation, maintenance and repairs from a skilled, respectful team
  • a well of knowledge and experience always at your disposal

FAQs for propane users

Q. How do I set up propane service with Parker Gas?

We make it easy to join the Parker Gas customer family. You can choose Will-Call delivery, where you’re responsible for contacting us for propane when your tank is around 25% full. You can also choose Automatic Delivery, where we do the planning for you. Our system uses customer history and weather forecasts to ensure you get the fuel you need on time.

Q. Should I rent or buy a propane tank for my home?

Owning a propane tank gives you freedom in choosing who services it and fills it with fuel. But it also comes with a lot of responsibility. You’ll be financially responsible for purchasing, installing, repairing and replacing it. Parker Gas’s affordable propane tank leasing option means we handle all of that for you.

Q. What is TankWatch® wireless propane tank monitoring?

TankWatch allows you and Parker Gas to monitor your fuel levels in real time. Our tank monitors use wireless and cellular technology to keep us up to date on how much propane you have left. We get an alert when you need a delivery. You can also track your fuel levels with a smartphone app. TankWatch is free for customers with propane heating and/or hot water systems. If you often find yourself on the go or handle fuel for a loved one, this is the perfect solution for you.

Q. Am I allowed to paint my propane tank to match my house?

No. The light color of your propane tank deflects heat, which prevents propane from expanding to dangerous level on hot days. Painting your tank a darker color is a safety issue. Instead, we recommend you mask your tank using plants, fencing or latticework. Please make sure our delivery drivers can still easily access the tank.

Q. How do I know if there’s a propane leak?

Propane has no natural scent, but producers add an odorant to make it smell like rotten eggs. If you smell this odor, get everyone away from the potential leak. Be sure to put out any candles, cigarettes and other flames. Also avoid using light switches or cell phones, which can cause a spark. Once you’re away from the leak, you can call 911 and Parker Gas. If you have any propane safety questions, our team is happy to answer them!

Countless Fayetteville area homes and businesses count on us for propane service. We want you to join our family of satisfied customers, too!