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Propane Service in Mt. Olive, NC

Propane delivery, equipment installation and service for Mt. Olive homes and businesses

Parker Gas is the leading propane supplier in Mt. Olive, NC, and its surrounding areas. For over 60 years, we have offered reliable, budget-friendly propane service to both homeowners and business owners.

Propane Service in Mt. Olive, NC

Propane delivery. Customers love our stress-free Automatic Delivery. Put the days of running outside to check your tank gauge behind you with this free service. Parker Gas monitors your propane usage and delivers fuel when you need it.

Propane tank installation and service. Get the right propane storage tank for your needs and budget. When you lease a tank with Parker Gas, we take care of installation and service. We also offer wireless tank monitoring.

Propane systems and appliances. Propane is a marvelously versatile fuel, and Parker Gas sells countless propane-powered products to improve your quality of life. Come to our Mt. Olive office and check out our selection of:

  • propane water heaters
  • whole-house backup generators
  • gas grills
  • space heaters
  • fireplace inserts and gas logs

Propane cylinder refills. Need a propane cylinder for your grill, RV or a propane appliance? Parker Gas has you covered! Drop by our Mt. Olive location during business hours, and we will refill your portable cylinder immediately.

Commercial propane services. We also serve Mt. Olive–area businesses, farms, construction sites, warehouses and other commercial ventures. Contact the Parker Gas team to learn about bulk propane delivery, forklift cylinders, agricultural services and propane autogas.

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Mt. Olive office services

  • propane delivery
  • propane tank installation and leasing
  • propane cylinder refills
  • wireless propane tank monitoring
  • propane appliance showroom
  • commercial propane services
  • propane forklift services
  • propane autogas services

Our Mt. Olive team is at your service!

Since 1958, the Parker Gas team has provided Mt. Olive families with propane and peace of mind. Our team members are knowledgeable and friendly, and we’re ready to help you with any home comfort question you have.

As a Parker Gas customer, you can rest assured that we’ll provide:

  • propane delivery services whenever you need them
  • expert propane appliance installation and repair
  • safety, respect and responsiveness
  • anything else you need to feel comfortable with us.

Propane customer FAQs

Q. What propane delivery options do you offer?

Parker Gas has two convenient propane delivery options you can choose from:

  • Most of our customers choose worry-free Automatic Delivery. We track your fuel usage based on your customer history and weather conditions, then deliver fuel when you need it. No stress, no runouts and no extra cost.
  • You can also choose Will-Call delivery, where you monitor your own tank levels and contact us for propane when your gauge is around 25% full.

Q. Is it a better idea to rent or buy my propane tank?

When you own your propane tank, you can choose any company to service it and fill it with propane. But that also means you’re financially responsible for the purchase, installation, maintenance and repairs of your tank. Tank leasing from Parker Gas is much more affordable — we take care of everything, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Q. Can I paint my propane tank to match my home color?

No. The light color of your propane tank is for safety. It reflects heat away instead of absorbing it as darker colors would. If propane gets too hot, it expands to sometimes dangerous levels. You can keep your tank out of sight with fencing, latticework or shrubs as long as our delivery drivers can still get to it.

Q. How does TankWatch® wireless propane tank monitoring work?

We install a tank monitor on your propane tank, and it transmits real-time data about how much propane you have. You can monitor your fuel levels with the TankWatch app, and we will get an alert when you need a propane delivery. This service is especially useful if you’re often away from home or manage propane deliveries for a relative.

Q. How can I recognize a propane leak in my home?

Propane producers add an odorant to it to smell like rotten eggs. If you smell propane in your home, get everyone out right away. Do not use phones or light switches on your way out, as they can create a spark. Extinguish any candles, cigarettes or other flames. Once you’re safely away, call emergency services and Parker Gas. And please never hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about propane safety.

Get your Mt. Olive area home the propane services you deserve. Become a Parker Gas customer today!