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Reliable Propane Service in Smithfield, NC

Propane delivery and other services for Smithfield area homes and businesses

At Parker Gas, we pride ourselves on being the best propane supplier in Smithfield, NC, and its surrounding communities. We offer affordable and reliable service for both residential and commercial customers.

Propane Service in Smithfield, NC

Propane delivery. Parker Gas’s Automatic Delivery feature means that you don’t have to schedule your propane deliveries yourself. Our wireless propane tank monitor tells us when it’s time for your next fill-up, so you can relax and not worry about it.

Propane tank installation and leasing. Our worry-free propane tank leasing is an affordable way to enjoy propane in your home. You can be assured that your tank will be installed properly and safely.

Propane cylinder refills. Come to our Smithfield office during our business hours, and we’ll promptly refill your propane cylinder, so you always have enough propane for your cookout, portable generator, RV or camping equipment.

Propane appliance installation and service. Visit the propane appliance showroom at our Smithfield office and see all the ways propane appliances can make your home and quality of life better! We provide expert installation, maintenance and repair services for propane water heaters, whole-house backup generators, grills, space heaters and hearth products.

Commercial propane services. Parker Gas helps businesses of all kinds around Smithfield prosper with bulk propane delivery, agricultural propane services, propane forklift cylinder exchange services and propane autogas services.

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Services at Smithfield office

  • propane delivery
  • propane tank installation and leasing
  • propane cylinder refills
  • wireless propane tank monitoring
  • propane appliance showroom
  • commercial propane services
  • propane forklift services
  • propane autogas services

Meet the Smithfield office team

The specialists at Parker Gas in Smithfield, NC, are not only passionate about propane but also knowledgeable. If you want to learn more about the advantages of using propane or if you have questions regarding safety, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to help!

When you become a Parker Gas customer, you can be assured our team will be there for you with:

  • dependable and courteous propane delivery
  • a commitment to safety and excellence in all our services
  • propane appliance installation service that respects your home and your time
  • a friendly, knowledgeable team here to help with whatever you need

FAQs for new propane users

Q. How do I get propane delivered to my home?

Parker Gas makes propane delivery easy. If you use Will-Call, you are responsible for checking your propane tank gauge regularly and contacting us before the gauge falls below 25% full. With Automatic Delivery, we use the latest software to calculate when you’ll need more propane, factoring in past usage, current weather, and future temperature forecasts. We make a delivery before you run low.

Q. I need a propane tank for my home. Should I rent or buy one?

When you own your own propane tank, you have the freedom to choose your propane delivery company. However, owning your propane tank means that you are responsible for all the costs: purchase, installation, maintenance and repairs. With affordable propane tank leasing from Parker Gas, you don’t have to deal with any of that because we take care of it all for you!

Q. How does wireless propane tank monitoring work?

The monitor is installed on your propane tank and uses wireless and cellular technology like your smartphone’s to let us know in real time exactly how much propane is in your tank. When the amount of propane in your tank reaches a set level, we get a notification and schedule a prompt delivery. This option is great if you travel frequently, live away from home for part of the year or are managing the propane supply for elderly relatives.

Q. Can I paint my propane tank to match my house?

No. Your propane tank is painted a light color for safety reasons. Propane expands in heat. The light color reflects heat away from the tank, keeping the propane inside safe. Any color darker than light beige absorbs heat and can cause the propane inside your tank to expand to dangerous levels. You can conceal your tank with fencing, lattice or plants as long as it remains accessible to our delivery drivers.

Q. How do I know if there’s a propane leak in my home?

Propane has an odorant added to it that gives it a smell commonly described as being like rotten eggs. If you smell that odor in your home, follow propane safety best practices and get everyone out right away. Put out any potential ignition sources such as candles or cigarettes and do not use phones or light switches on your way out. Call 911 and Parker Gas once you’re safely away. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the safe use of propane.

Ready for the best propane delivery and service in the Smithfield area? Become a Parker Gas customer today!