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Propane Service in Wilmington, NC

Homes and businesses depend on Parker Gas for propane delivery and equipment services

Propane Service in Wilmington, NC

For over 60 years, Parker Gas has provided world-class propane service to households in Wilmington and across New Hanover County. We are a full-service home comfort company providing:

Dependable automatic propane delivery. Automatic Delivery is the worry-free, no-fee option that most customers prefer. Our system monitors your fuel levels based on usage history and the weather. Then, our team delivers your propane right when you need it. There’s no stress and no more runouts with Automatic Delivery.

Propane tank leasing and services. Customers love leasing a top-tier propane storage tank from Parker Gas. When you rent your tank, we handle installation, maintenance and repairs. We also offer wireless tank monitoring!

Propane cylinder refilling at our Wilmington office. Bring the empty cylinder for your RV, grill or other propane appliance to our Wilmington office during regular business hours. We’ll be happy to fill it for you — with no waiting.

Propane equipment installation and service. Whether you need a super-efficient water heater, backup generator, gas grill, space heater or hearth insert, Parker Gas has a product for you. Plus, we’ll install it and provide regular service. Come to our Wilmington showroom today!

Commercial propane services. Our commercial propane customers include restaurants, landscapers, laundromats, farms, construction, manufacturing and more. At Parker Gas, we proudly supply bulk propane, forklift cylinders, autogas and other commercial propane products to Wilmington area businesses.

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Our Wilmington, NC, office offers the following services

  • propane delivery
  • propane tank installation and leasing
  • propane cylinder refills
  • wireless propane tank monitoring
  • propane appliance showroom
  • commercial propane services
  • propane forklift services
  • propane autogas services

Our Wilmington team is ready to help!

The Wilmington, NC, team at Parker Gas has years of experience and training with propane delivery services and a range of propane products. We’re always available to help you get the most out of your home and appliances.

You can trust your local Parker Gas team for:

  • unbeatable propane delivery
  • propane equipment installation, maintenance and repairs — done right the first time
  • a total commitment to your family’s safety and comfort
  • a knowledgeable team that’s always ready to help

When Parker Gas is your propane company, you will always feel comfortable with us!

FAQs for new propane customers

Q. What are my propane delivery options?

We offer two ways to receive premium-quality propane at your Wilmington home:

  • With Will-Call delivery, you track your own propane tank levels and contact us when you’re around 25% full.
  • With Automatic Delivery, Parker Gas handles the planning for you. Using your customer usage history and weather patterns, we determine when you’ll need a propane delivery and schedule it for you.

Q. Is it better to buy or lease a propane tank?

The are pros and cons for both options, but there’s a reason that most Parker Gas customers choose to lease a tank from us. If you buy a tank, you have the freedom to change propane companies, but you’re also responsible for installing, servicing, repairing and replacing the tank. When you lease from us, we handle all of that for you!

Q. Can I change the color of my propane tank?

No. Propane tanks are light colors as a matter of safety. The color deflects heat, preventing the fuel’s volume from expanding to a dangerous level. If you want to mask your propane tank, try adding a fence, lattice or shrubs. But please ensure our delivery team can still get to it.

Q. How does TankWatch® wireless propane tank monitoring work?

Our TankWatch monitoring service allows both you and our team to keep tabs on your fuel levels. The monitor attaches to your propane tank and uses wireless and cellular technologies to transmit real-time data. You can view your propane levels on a TankWatch app, and we get a notification when you need a delivery. TankWatch is free for customers with propane service for whole-house heating and/or hot water.

Q. What do I do if there’s a propane leak?

Propane is scented to smell like rotten eggs, so if you smell this odor, there could be a leak. First, move everyone away from the area and be sure to extinguish any open flames. You should also refrain from using phones, light switches or any other device that could potentially cause a spark. ONLY after you have vacated the affected area, call emergency services and Parker Gas.

Our team is available to answer any of your propane safety questions.

Since 1958, Parker Gas has been the company of choice for residential and commercial propane services. Join our family of satisfied customers today!