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Portable LP gas storage cylinders generally have a maximum capacity of 100 gallons of water. Even though the maximum capacity is measured in gallons of water, cylinders are usually referred to by their LP gas weight: 20 pounds, 100 pounds, etc.).

If you love camping or prefer enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort of your own backyard, Parker Gas carries a full selection of portable propane tanks for all your outdoor grilling, BBQ and camping needs, including outdoor lighting.

Our knowledgeable sales team can help you choose the proper size portable propane cylinder and show you how to store and transport your propane tanks. Parker Gas also provides convenient propane cylinder refills.

Bring your empty propane tank to any of our facilities during business hours whenever you need a fill-up. This convenient service is available at all our offices in the Smithfield, Newton Grove, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Mt. Olive and Clinton areas of North Carolina.

Let Us Set You Up with a Propane Tank for Your Home

Constructed to last for decades, our propane storage tanks are made of heavy-gauge steel with a special coating to prevent corrosion.

We have a range of sizes to suit your home’s needs—from smaller tanks to provide fuel for multiple appliances to larger tanks with the capacity to heat a large home as well as run appliances and even heat a pool or spa. Our propane tank experts will assess your needs and help you choose the tank size that’s right for you.

They will also discuss safety matters. For instance, LP gas is stored in containers as a liquid but then expands to a gaseous state when released from the container. That’s why we never fill a propane tank beyond 80% of its capacity.

Understanding Tank Sizes

Stationary tanks, either aboveground or underground, have various water gallon (WG) capacities that exceed 100 gallons.

Here are the dimensions of the various types of tanks Parker Gas can install for your home or business.

Aboveground Tanks from Parker Gas

Tank Sizes Vertical / Horizontal Overall Length Overall Height Diameter
 120 Vertical  N/A   54 inches  30 inches
120   Horizontal 68 inches   34 inches 24 inches 
250 Horizontal  94 inches 42 inches  30 inches 
325   Horizontal 115 inches  42 inches  30 inches 
 500  Horizontal 120 inches   48 inches 37.5 inches 
 1000  Horizontal 192 inches   51 inches 41 inches 

Note- These are approximate dimensions. Size could vary slightly depending on the manufacturer

Aboveground/Underground/Tanks from Parker Gas

There are also aboveground/underground “combination” tanks, which are designed for propane storage in residential or small commercial applications. These models, which offer a range of sizes and capacities, can be installed either aboveground or as a shallow underground storage solution.

Tank Sizes Vertical / Horizontal Overall Length Overall Height Diameter
120  Horizontal  68 inches 36 inches 24 inches
250   Horizontal   94 inches  44 inches 30 inches
 500  Horizontal  120 inches 50 inches 37.5 inches
 1000  Horizontal  192 inches 53 inches 41 inches

Note: These are approximate dimensions. Size could vary slightly depending on manufacturer. When burying these tanks, hole sizes should be approximately 24 inches longer and wider than tank to allow room for tank to be installed and proper anodes connected. Depth should allow for approximately 12 inches of dome to stay above ground level.

tank size

Contact Parker Gas for more information about propane cylinders and propane tanks.

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