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3 Reasons to Buy a Propane Generator

Enjoy comfort and security when the power goes out

generators north carolinaWhile the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season has been quiet so far, we’re entering the traditional peak period of the season and predictions remain solidly behind a busy season.

That means we here in North Carolina are at risk of power outages. Even after hurricane season ends, ice storms and winter coastal storms can leave us with no electricity.

An investment in a Briggs & Stratton propane whole-house backup generator is an investment in keeping your home and your family safe and comfortable when you lose power. Parker Gas is a Briggs & Stratton authorized dealer with the supply, knowledge, and experience to make sure that your generator is installed properly and safely so you can enjoy its benefits. We also provide expert propane tank installation and reliable propane delivery for your generator.

Here are four reasons why a Briggs & Stratton propane whole-house backup generator is a smart investment.

Keep your property and loved ones safe

Your home’s security system may come with a battery backup, but that battery can last less than 24 hours. If you have a sump pump in your basement, it stops running when the power goes out. Everything you have down there, from furniture to cherished mementos like Christmas decorations and photo albums, could be destroyed by flooding. A propane whole-house backup generator protects your home and your family. If someone in your home uses medical equipment such as a CPAP or home dialysis, you need a generator so they can use it.

Be comfortable

If you lose power, you also lose your home’s HVAC system. If that happens in the summer, your home is going to get hot and uncomfortable fast. Not only will you not have air conditioning, but you also won’t even have fans. If you lose power in the winter, your home could become dangerously cold, and you could be at risk of having plumbing pipes freezing and bursting. A propane whole house backup generator keeps your heating and cooling system running so you can stay comfortable no matter how long the power is out.

Prevent food loss

Have you seen grocery costs lately? Think about your last grocery run, and how much of that is in your refrigerator and freezer. If you shop at warehouse stores for perishables such as meats or frozen foods and have a standalone freezer, no small dollar amount of food is in there as well.

Some foods begin to spoil in as little as four hours after the power goes out. If the power is out for more than a day or two, you could face having to throw hundreds of dollars of food away because it will no longer be safe to eat.

When you have a propane whole-house backup generator, your food stays safely cold or frozen. You’ll also be able to use appliances like a microwave, coffeemaker, multicooker, and air fryer to enjoy that food.

Stay connected

Staying in touch with the outside world is essential during a power outage, as you need to keep in touch with local authorities to be alerted to current conditions and potential evacuation orders. You also need to be able to keep in contact with loved ones. Having a propane whole-house backup generator allows you to keep essential technology like phones and laptops charged. You’ll also be able to enjoy entertainment like TV and gaming systems.

Get the benefits of a propane whole-house backup generator for your home. Contact Parker Gas today to get started!

Is It Time to Get a New Water Heater?

Upgrade to a high-efficiency propane water heater!

water heaters north carolinaIf your home’s water heater is 10 years old or older, you are on borrowed time. The average life expectancy of a water heater is 10 years. If your water heater has not been properly maintained that life expectancy could be even shorter.

Parker Gas is here for you with expert propane water heater sales, installation, and service. We are a certified Advanced Comfort Expert dealer of Rinnai water heaters, long seen as the gold standard when it comes to water heaters. We can also help you get rebates for your qualifying water heater.

Signs your water heater needs to be replaced

An unexplained increase in energy costs. Water heating accounts for 20% of your home’s energy costs. If your energy usage and costs have jumped, your water heater may be the reason.

A big repair bill. It’s time to replace your water heater if the cost of repair is more than 50% of the price of a new water heater.

Rusty water. When you use hot water and the water coming out of the faucet is rusty, your water heater’s tank has begun to corrode and will likely soon fail.

Leaking. If water is pooling on the floor beneath or around your water heater, it’s a sure sign that it’s nearing its end.

Odd noises. When your water heater makes gurgling or growling noises when it’s running, it usually indicates that sediment built up in the tank. The accumulation of sediment can lead to corrosion and tank failure.

What kind of water heater should I buy?

You have a choice today when it comes to water heaters. The two main choices in propane water heaters are the conventional storage water heaters, which have a tank, and tankless water heaters.
There are advantages to each of them and our propane appliance experts will thoroughly discuss your needs and budget to make sure you get the right water heater for you.
Water heaters with a tank are less expensive to purchase and install. Their simple operation allows maintenance and repairs to generally be affordable.
Tankless water heaters cost more upfront to buy and install. However, they can be a very smart investment because they can last twice as long, or even longer, than water heaters with a tank.
You get endless hot water, on demand, with a propane tankless water heater. You don’t have to wait for hot water between showers, and you can take a shower at the same time the dishwasher is running.

Because a tankless water heater only provides hot water when you need it, replacing your current water heater with a tankless one can save you up to 40% on water heating energy costs.

There is also no tank to fail and cause water damage in your home when you choose a propane tankless water heater.
Get superior comfort while saving on energy costs with a new, high-efficiency propane water heater installed by Parker Gas! Contact us today to get started.

What Propane Can Do For You Outdoors

Enjoy outdoor living even more with propane!

propane grills north carolinaIt’s been an amazing summer so far when it comes to outdoor living. You can make it even better with propane!

Parker Gas provides reliable propane delivery and propane cylinder exchange services as well at top-quality propane grills to help make your backyard a destination you, your family and your friends will enjoy.

The heart of most backyards is the grill, and propane makes grilling a pleasure because of its ease and convenience. It’s ready to grill in less than five minutes and provides on-a-dime temperature control so you can grill everything from fish to steaks. Our selection of grills from leading makers including Wilmington Grill and Blaze Grills allow you to customize your grill with features including side burners, multiple grilling levels, and more!

Grills are just the beginning of how propane makes your outdoors great. Propane pool and spa heaters get your water warm in a fraction of the time it would take electric models, cutting your energy costs dramatically. Propane fireplaces or firepits create places to enjoy time with family and friends or relax with a book and a glass of sweet tea. Propane deck and patio heaters make outdoor dining comfortable even if there’s a nip in the air. Banish bug bits with a propane insect trap, which mimics human breath to lure mosquitoes into the trap and away from you.

Take propane on the road

One of the great things about living in North Carolina is all the great places to go camping and RVing. Propane makes those trips even better with propane cylinder refills at all six Parker Gas locations!

Propane fuels an RV’s heating and air conditioning systems, as well as its appliances, so you’ll always have hot water for showers, a stove to cook meals on, and cold drinks when you are thirsty.
Whether you’re camping or RVing, a propane camp stove or outdoor fryer can make a great dinner quickly and easily, whether you’re making burgers and hot dogs or doing a shrimp boil.
Nights can still be chilly in the summer, especially in higher elevations, so a propane tent heater is a must-have. Make sure your tent heater is from a manufacturer that has approved it for camping and includes an automatic shutoff feature in case it falls over or produces CO.
Get a great propane grill to make your summer even better! Contact us today to learn more about our selection of quality grills.

Autogas: Why Make the Switch With Your Fleet?

You get efficiency, money savings, and more!

propane van conversion north carolinaBetween climate change and recent instability in fuel costs, many businesses, municipalities, and school districts are looking for alternatives to gasoline and diesel to fuel their fleet vehicles.

You get better performance, money savings, and environmental friendliness when you convert your fleet to propane autogas! Parker Gas makes it easy to switch to autogas, providing assistance with converting your vehicles to run on autogas, installing filling stations at your location, and providing reliable autogas delivery tailored to your needs.

Read on to discover more about how propane autogas can boost your bottom line.

Reducing overhead costs

On average, autogas is 30% less expensive than gasoline. Even in the face of high oil prices, the price difference between gasoline and autogas has remained consistent. 

Diesel vehicles are four times more expensive to run than autogas vehicles. When you include tax credits, incentives, loans, and other benefits available for switching your fleet vehicles to autogas, the savings grow even more!

Autogas also has long-term benefits when it comes to saving money. The reduction of engine wear is one of the most significant advantages that autogas provides. Because of the decreased engine wear, your vehicles will last a lot longer. Maintenance expenses are lower as a result of reduced engine wear. You will get a higher return on your investment and spend less money by not having to repair or replace your vehicles as frequently.

It’s simpler and more efficient to monitor your fleet’s fueling and usage when it is fueled with autogas. You’ll be able to track precisely how much fuel your fleet is using because the filling is done on-site rather than at other locations. Your employees won’t have to deal with receipts or reimbursements, streamlining your fuel management even more. Using autogas almost eliminates fuel theft, providing even more money savings.

Energy security

Because crude oil is extracted across the world, global markets and factors such as geopolitical conflicts and natural catastrophes can have a significant influence on gasoline and diesel pricing.
That’s been especially obvious the past few months.

Autogas is made in the United States. You won’t have to worry about conflict, sanctions, or natural disasters overseas disrupting your autogas supply. By fueling your fleet with propane autogas from Parker Gas, you are bolstering America’s energy independence!

A more Earth-friendly fuel

Did you know that by converting to autogas, you can slash your fleet’s carbon emissions by 60%? That reduction of emissions is also safer and healthier for your employees who won’t be inhaling gasoline or diesel exhaust fumes.

Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane does not harm air, water, soil, plant life, aquatic life, or marine life in the rare event of a leak.

Your employees won’t be breathing in gasoline exhaust fumes. You’ll have a competitive edge over your competition with customers and taxpayers prioritizing environmental responsibility thanks to the significantly lower emissions autogas provides.

Are you interested in learning more about autogas services from Parker Gas? Get in touch with us and our commercial propane experts will be happy to help!

Summer Propane Safety Tips

Enjoy your summer by playing it safe!

grilling tips north carolinaYou know that propane can do a lot in your home. It can also do a lot outside!

Propane BBQ grills are the most popular kind of grill in the country because they’re easy and convenient to use. Parker Gas carries a selection of outstanding propane grills from Blaze, Wilmington Grill, and Bayou Classic.

Grilling is just the beginning when it comes to helping you enjoy outdoor living! Propane pool and spa heaters get your water warm exponentially faster than electricity, saving you a lot on energy costs. Propane deck and patio heaters let you enjoy dining al fresco even if it’s a bit chilly out after dark. Create comfortable gathering spaces with propane firepits and outdoor fireplaces. Get rid of bugs with propane insect traps.

Take propane cylinders on your RV or camping trip. They can be used for refrigeration, cooking, and water heating in your RV. They can also power tent heaters and camp stoves.

You can get your propane cylinders refilled at any one of our six locations.

To enjoy all these benefits, you need to know about propane safety. We’ve put together some tips so you can be assured you’re putting safety first.

Propane cylinder safety

Propane cylinders should not be kept indoors or in a garage, shed, carport, sunporch, or any other enclosed location.

Outdoor propane cylinders should be stored upright, on a dry surface, and out of direct sunlight. Wet ground can cause the cylinder to rust.

Propane cylinders should also be kept at least three feet away from fire and spark-causing equipment, such as your grill.

When exchanging your propane cylinders, keep them upright. Even a cylinder you believe to be empty may hold enough liquid propane to leak if it is positioned on its side.

Don’t leave a cylinder in your vehicle for too long, especially if it’s hot outside. It’s best to go straight home from your cylinder refill station. If you can’t, make the cylinder refill the final stop on your errands before heading home.

Be safe with propane grilling

Whether you’re grilling up a quick weeknight supper or hosting a big cookout, never leave safety off the menu! 

Clean your propane grill, not just the grates, regularly. Empty your grills grease trap before using your grill. One in five grill fires is caused by leftover grease.

When starting up your grill, keep the lid open until you are certain the grill is fully lit.

Do not use your propane grill indoors or in a covered or enclosed area like a garage or carport. Carbon monoxide, an invisible and odorless gas that can be fatal if breathed in large quantities, can build up to dangerous levels.

Place the grill on a flat, level surface to reduce the risk of it tipping over.
The grill must be at least five feet away from the house, outdoor furniture, trees, shrubs, and other combustibles.

Keep children and pets away from the grill.

Never leave a lit grill unattended. Before you start the grill, make sure you have all of your supplies on hand such as tongs, gloves, brushes, sauces, food, and platters.

Don’t use your grill if the igniter is faulty. Look into upgrading to a new grill with an automatic igniter.

Whether it’s propane cylinder refills or upgrading to a new propane grill, Parker Gas helps you make your summer outdoor living great! Contact us with any propane safety questions you have, and we’ll be happy to help.

Upgrade Your Grill With These Summer Specials!

Enjoy grilling with propane even more!

bbq grills north carolinaThere’s a lot to enjoy about summer here in Eastern North Carolina. We have the best beaches, outstanding weather, and loads of opportunities for outdoor fun.

Something else to love is all the great opportunities to grill. Whether it’s the catch of the day, burgers and hot dogs for a cookout, or a quick weeknight dinner of kebabs or barbequed chicken, there’s always something great to put on your grill.

If your grill is on its last legs, now is a perfect time to upgrade to a propane grill from Parker Gas! We’re offering some great summer deals through July 31, so head on over to your nearest showroom.

Also, you can refill your grill’s propane cylinder during regular business hours at any of our locations.

Our propane grill specials

We carry an outstanding selection of grills from top makers such as Blaze, Wilmington Grill, and Bayou Classic. Here’s what we’re offering to save you money while you elevate your grilling.

Why propane is the way to grill

Did you know that about 80% of the grills in this country are gas-fired, and most of those are run on propane? That’s because propane grills are easy to use, convenient, and give great results!

You don’t have to do any of the work associated with building a fire and cleaning up afterward when using propane, as you do with a charcoal grill. Just turn on the supply valve, turn on the grill, and in just minutes, you’re ready to grill. When you use propane to grill, there is no strong smoky flavor or odor to overpower your meal.

Features like side burners, smoker boxes, multi-level grilling surfaces, rotisseries, and more may be added to your grill.

Reminder: These deals end July 31 so act now! Get in touch with us or visit one of our showrooms to learn more.

The Benefits of Propane Over Electricity

Get comfort and efficiency with Parker Gas!

propane for home north carolinaIf you’re wondering about if electricity or propane is the right choice for your home, you’re not alone.

There has been a recent push to make electricity the preferred energy in North Carolina homes based on the inaccurate belief that it is the best option for reducing carbon emissions.

Propane provides many environmental benefits while providing outstanding comfort and efficiency.

Propane: cleaner and greener

You may believe that electricity is “cleaner” than propane. However, this is not the case.
Approximately half of all electricity generated in the United States comes from coal-fired power plants that contribute to greenhouse gases and acid rain. Propane, on the other hand, is so clean burning it produces close to zero greenhouse gas emissions! In fact, propane is named as an alternative fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and 1992 National Energy Policy.

Electricity is transmitted very inefficiently. When electricity travels from the power plant through the power lines to your house, it encounters resistance, resulting in a loss of energy. It takes three units of source energy to deliver one unit of electricity in your home. To meet this need, more coal must be burned, resulting in higher carbon emissions.

Because propane is right there at your home, there is virtually no loss of energy from the tank to your appliances.

Propane: comfort and efficiency

Many home appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, can be operated on propane rather than electricity with better energy efficiency, cutting your home’s energy costs. Propane water heaters heat more water faster than their electric counterparts and do it with about 30% less cost. Propane clothes dryers get your laundry dry about 25% faster than comparable electric dryers.
Propane is also more dependable than electricity in terms of keeping your home warm. If the power goes out in a house heated by electricity, there’s no heat. With reliable propane delivery and propane tanks from Parker Gas, you’re not reliant on a utility grid for your heating, water heating, cooking, and other needs. A propane whole-house backup generator can keep the lights, refrigerator, home security system, and electronics running.

Renewable propane is part of a greener tomorrow

Have you heard of renewable propane? It’s the next step toward a carbon-neutral world.

Renewable propane is chemically the same as propane. However, it is produced from renewable resources such as animal fats, plant oils, biomass, and other triglycerides.

As the renewable propane sector grows, more and more propane customers will be able to use it to make their homes and businesses even closer to net zero. 

Become a Parker Gas customer and get reliable propane delivery and service!

Propane Appliances & the Supply Chain

Get the most out of your home appliances

appliance efficiency north carolinaWhether it’s infant formula or computer chips, supply chain problems have been making it challenging for people and businesses.

As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, these supply chain issues have lingered thanks to a variety of factors. We are seeing this in the propane appliance side of our business.

That’s why we recommend that if you are thinking about replacing your old propane appliances or adding propane appliances to your home, get in touch with us now to get on our list so we can secure the propane appliances you want.

We are in constant communication with manufacturers and our suppliers to keep an adequate supply of propane appliances and parts on hand. We also recommend that you have regular maintenance done on your propane appliances, so they last longer and reduce your risk of having to replace them after a breakdown.

We at Parker Gas appreciate your patience and understanding as we get through this challenging time.

What are the supply chain issues?

The supply chain is complex and can be disrupted by one or multiple factors. We have been seeing this at work for the past couple of years.

Last year, there were issues with supplying propane tanks and cylinders thanks to a shortage of steel as well as high demand for other tank components such as valves and gauges.

The changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic also impact the supply chain when it comes to propane appliances. Rising prices for materials, labor shortages, and shortages of everything from metals to microchips have all played a role.

Consumer demand was also dramatically affected by the pandemic. More people began to work at home and have embraced remote work as a permanent thing. The real estate market boomed as more people took advantage of low interest rates and being freed from having to live in expensive metropolitan areas for work to buy homes. One report said that 70% of homeowners had some kind of home improvement or renovation project done during the first two years of the pandemic.

Contact us to get started on adding propane appliances to your home!

Responsive Service Is a Family Tradition

The reliable propane delivery & equipment service you deserve

propane company north carolinaAre you looking for a propane company you know you can count on? You’ve come to the right place!

Parker Gas has been providing dependable propane delivery and service to eastern North Carolina since 1958 when Earl J. Parker founded the company. Today, Earl’s sons Daren and David continue to uphold their father’s high standards for reliability, quality, and courtesy.

We stand out from the discounters trumpeting their too-good-to-be-true pricing because they don’t have the staff or resources to be there for you when the going gets tough. With Parker Gas, you get a propane company with a dependable propane supply thanks to long-standing relationships with our suppliers and competitive, transparent pricing. You get a staff able to get you your propane when you need it, give you 24/7 emergency delivery, and provide expert propane appliance installation and service.

21st-century technology provides old-fashioned service

We put technology to work to make our propane delivery the most personalized, responsive service you can get.

With our FREE Automatic Delivery option, we use a state-of-the-art program that uses your propane usage history and current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need more propane. With that data, we schedule a delivery to your home before you run low. You don’t have to do a thing!

Our Tankwatch® wireless propane tank monitoring provides absolute precision when it comes to your propane delivery. It uses wireless and cellular technology to let us know 24/7 exactly how much propane is in your tank. When your propane supply reaches a set level, the monitor sends us a notification and we make a prompt propane delivery. You can also use the Tankwatch app to check your propane tank gauge levels any time of day or night on your smartphone or tablet or use the Tankwatch website on your laptop or computer.

This website is also designed to provide the responsive service we promise. You can check your statements, pay your bill, and request a delivery with an online account. You can use our simple form to contact us with questions about your account or our services.

Get the reliable and responsive service you deserve. Become a Parker Gas customer today!

How to Recertify Your Propane Cylinder

Parker Gas makes it easy!

grill tank service north carolinaWith summer grilling season close at hand, it’s time to get ready for using your propane grill. Part of that task involves checking to see if your propane cylinder needs to be recertified.

Propane cylinders are only certified for 12 years after their year of manufacture. To be recertified, you must take it to a certified propane dealer like Parker Gas. An uncertified cylinder will not be filled at a propane refill station.

How do you know if you need to recertify your propane cylinder? Look at the collar of the cylinder, where you will find stamped markings. A date is stamped near the valve. That is the month and year it was manufactured. For example, if it reads “6-14,” it means your cylinder was manufactured in June of 2014. 

If your propane cylinder needs to be recertified, we’ve made it simple for you! Simply bring your cylinder to any Parker Gas location during our regular business hours. We’ll check it and, if it’s still safe to use, recertify it. There’s usually a 24-hour turnaround time on inspections for recertification.

Recertifications are valid for five years.

We also provide propane cylinder refills, so get your cylinder refilled so you’re ready for the next cookout.

Propane cylinder safety tips

Come to any one of our six locations to get your cylinder not only recertified but filled so you’ll have enough propane for your next cookout!