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Preparing for Hurricane Florence

Posted: September 13, 2018

Preparing for Hurricane Florence Hurricane Florence is headed our way…be ready! Here are safety reminders as we prepare for this dangerous storm: Listen to your local authorities and evacuate if needed! Use extreme caution when returning to your property. Create an emergency plan and review it with your family; for tips on making one, visit […]

Online bill payment

Sign up for AutoPay and Simplify Your Bill Paying

Posted: September 10, 2018

It’s the beginning of the month. You know your heating bill is due, and you promise you’ll get to it tomorrow.

Then life happens.

A month later, the bill is still sitting unpaid on your countertop under a pile of other bills, and soon it will be joined by a late notice and the fee that comes with it.

Propane Gas Safety Checks: the ultimate peace of mind for your propane-powered home

Posted: September 6, 2018

Not sure if your home propane gas system is working safely and performing at its best? Have one of the experts at Parker Gas conduct a comprehensive Propane Gas Safety Check for your North Carolina home.  

Green house

Propane: The Cleaner, Greener Fuel

Posted: August 31, 2018

If you’re already using it to power many of appliances in your North Carolina home, you know why propane is one of the most versatile fuels around. But did you know it’s one of the most eco-friendly ways to power your home, too?

Power outage

Choosing a Whole House Generator

Posted: August 22, 2018

As unpredictable as the weather is these days, it’s best to be prepared for anything, including power outages that can be inconvenient at best – and dangerous at worst – for your family.

One of the best ways to prepare for severe weather power outages, of course, is to install a propane back-up generator.

Pinching nose

Can I Always Smell a Propane Gas Leak?

Posted: August 17, 2018

If you use propane to power appliances in your North Carolina home, you know that a propane leak smells like rotten eggs (hopefully, you also know what to do if you detect one).

But what if that smell isn’t obvious?

How much propane will I use in the summer?

Posted: August 6, 2018

It’s not always easy to estimate your propane usage in the summer, especially if you have a number of propane appliances that are working quietly behind the scenes (a propane water heater or propane patio heater, for instance).

Propane gas stove top

Can I Convert My Appliances from Conventional Gas to Propane?

Posted: July 24, 2018

If you’ve recently made the switch to propane in your North Carolina home, you may have some appliances that aren’t equipped to be used in your new propane system. The question is, should you convert these appliances?

Brand new propane gas stove

Why Switch to a Propane Cooking Range?

Posted: July 19, 2018

Look in the kitchen of just about any restaurant and you’ll find a gas-powered stove. That’s not a coincidence.

For most chefs, the ability of a gas cooktop to control heat quickly and precisely is enough to seal the deal.

Standing near RV

Propane and Your RV: Safety and Maintenance Dos and Don’ts

Posted: July 12, 2018

Summer is a great time to take to the road and enjoy the freedom that a propane-powered RV can bring you. But that freedom does come with some responsibilities – especially when it comes to keeping your family safe.

Propane safety for kids: Keep it simple, keep it fun

Posted: July 2, 2018

When it comes to powering your appliances , propane has one of the best safety records around – but that doesn’t mean you can take propane safety for granted, especially if you have children living in your home.

What should I do if my carbon monoxide detector sounds?

Posted: June 26, 2018

Propane appliances have a remarkable safety record – one of the best in the home comfort business.

Propane tank pressure regulator

How to Safely Remove a Propane Cylinder from Your Propane Grill

Posted: June 25, 2018

Well, July 4th is coming up, which means many of you will be doing lots of grilling in the coming weeks. At some point, you will have to exchange your propane tank or refill it – just make sure you do it safely!

Propane grill

Great Deals on Parker Gas Propane Grills and Propane Cylinder Refills!

Posted: June 21, 2018

Summer’s knocking on our door here in North Carolina – which means it’s high time we all get grilling!

Just don’t do it on some rusty old charcoal grill when you can upgrade to the clean, precision control of a propane gas grill from Parker Gas.

Rinnai® Sensei™ Tankless Water Heater

Six Benefits of the New Rinnai® Sensei™ Tankless Water Heater

Posted: June 18, 2018

We’ve talked on this blog before about the advantages of a propane tanklesss water heater – but leave it to Rinnai to bring those advantages to yet another level.

Water heater

Three Steps to Take When Choosing a New Water Heater

Posted: June 6, 2018

If your conventional water heater (one with a storage tank) is nearing its 10th birthday, statistics show that you will probably have to replace it soon – especially if you see leaks near its base or detect other warning signs that your water heater is on its last legs.


Three Reasons to Switch to Choose Propane-Powered Forklifts

Posted: May 29, 2018

Today’s fast-paced warehouses need to keep product moving quickly and efficiently at all times – and your forklift fleet is at the heart of that flurry of movement.

But not all forklifts are created equal.

Technician maintenance

Summer Propane Maintenance

Posted: May 22, 2018

You may think of summer as a season to focus on maintaining your home’s cooling system – or, if you’re like some of us, working on your tan.

But summer is an important time to care for your hard-working propane equipment, too. The question is, which of your propane equipment should be serviced and when?

Checking propane grill cylinder

Make Sure Your Grill’s Propane Cylinder Is Certified Before You Get Cooking This Spring!

Posted: May 9, 2018

One of the great signs of spring’s arrival here in North Carolina is the mouthwatering smell of food grilling on a Saturday afternoon. Yum!

Pile of warm winter sweaters

Make Life Easier next Winter with These Five Tips

Posted: April 27, 2018

A crazy winter like the one we just had can leave all kind of damage in its wake – from physical damage to your home and appliances to the mental strain of higher bills and heating uncertainty.

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