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Why Do People Like Propane?

Daren and David Parker

Dear Friends,

A recent national survey by the Propane Education & Research Council asked people what they liked most about using propane as their energy source. The top answer: Local propane suppliers are very dependable.

Our customers give us praise for being dependable, too! They also like us because we are a local company; we know their homes and their neighborhood. When you call us, the person answering the phone is your neighbor, not someone in a call center far away. That’s one reason you can depend on us for prompt and reliable deliveries, always supported by courteous and professional service.

We provide our customers with real, honest value. Our price for propane continues to be at or below the statewide average. We also offer convenient services that help eliminate worries and make your life easier. Our EasyPay plan spreads out your fuel costs throughout the year and our convenient automatic delivery service eliminates the need to monitor your fuel level and call for home heating deliveries.

Propane is a great value, whether you are using it for heating your home, generating hot water, drying clothes, for supplemental heating or for a gas fireplace. As we get ready for another winter in North Carolina, remember that you can count on us to keep you warm and comfortable all season long.


David Parker
Daren Parker

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New Software Improves Our Service

Improved service

By the time you read this, our new computer software system will be in place.

Some of the improvements will be invisible to you — but they will make a big difference in how we serve you. For example, our new system will integrate many back-office operations to streamline accounting and delivery. It will provide more accurate tracking of your propane usage, so we can be certain you’ll never run out.

You’ll also find many new features on our website. You can view your account, check your delivery history, review pricing plans, make a payment, order fuel and request service.

We now have the ability to set you up with paperless billing, a convenience you enjoy from other companies you do business with.

There are so many great reasons to switch to paperless statements: It’s easy to see and organize bills and you can view and pay them anytime. It saves paper, too!

Call us or contact us to learn more and to see all we can do for you. We always want you to feel comfortable with us!

Navigating the Home Comfort Maze

You’re going in the right direction by using propane to keep warm. But sometimes, you can lose your way trying to remain comfortable while controlling costs.

Here are some tips to help you stay on the right path.

You’ve already found a great fuel


Why do so many people choose propane appliances for their home?

Propane remains a great fuel choice because it’s efficient, clean, and safe fuel that is exceptionally versatile.

Buyer beware


Some propane companies are notorious for bringing in customers at a discounted rate, all the while making it seem like their price is always lower than other companies’. In fact, their strategy is to continually step up your price until you are paying much more than you would with us. We’ve seen some of the biggest companies charge as much as $1 more per gallon for similar usage, taking advantage of customers’ misplaced trust.

If you get an offer that seems amazing, please call us to see what’s really involved. We’ve built a business that has lasted for decades by providing a great combination of value, safety and service. If you’re not careful, you can run right into a comfort dead end.

More power to you


Some people think they can’t afford a backup generator, but studies show that NOT having any backup power can be more expensive in the long term. Just one power outage can cost you $1,250 — in spoiled food, eating out, damage to electronics, lost wages and temporary relocation costs.*

If you’re thinking about adding a generator, consider propane. A propane generator offers advantages that other fuel sources can’t match.

Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane can be delivered easily and stored safely on your property. During extended power outages, gasoline and diesel may be hard to get. Propane can also be stored for an unlimited amount of time; gasoline and diesel degrade after being in storage awhile.

Permanently installed outside your home and supplied by your tank, a propane generator will start automatically within seconds of the power going out.

* Source: Power Outage Impact Research, B2B International, 2015.

Propane delivered automatically


Many of our propane customers get scheduled deliveries. They never have to call us for fuel because we carefully track their fuel usage and then make a delivery before their tank gets low. Automatic deliveries do not cost anything extra!

This system works for most customers if usage is consistent, but there are exceptions, especially for customers who use propane appliances at their discretion, such as fireplaces, space heaters, pool heaters and stoves.

In cases like these, we ask that you call us for a delivery when your propane tank gauge reaches 30%. That gives us plenty of time to get more fuel to you.

And if you start using a lot more or less fuel than you did last year, please call and let us know.

Avoid these mistakes


Many people have added insulation in their home and followed other energy-conserving strategies. That’s good! But in some cases, these changes seal up a home so tightly that the heating system can’t get enough air to operate efficiently. Poor air flow can also be caused by these conditions:

Get “smart”


Beyond replacing your old system or maintaining it properly, there are many other ways to make your home more energy efficient, reduce energy usage and save money on your heating bills.

A programmable thermostat is a great example. When used properly, it can save you about 10% on your annual energy bills. As you may know, you now have the ability to access a “smart” programmable thermostat remotely through the internet.

If you’re away from home, you can use your phone to adjust the temperature setting. The thermostat can also send you an email or a text alert about a drastic temperature change — and possible equipment failure. Some models even let you know when it’s time to schedule maintenance for your heating system. Now, that’s smart!

We’ll Find You the Money!

We can help you save hundreds of dollars on new propane appliances!

Blue piggy bank

Through the Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program, which is funded by the North Carolina Propane Education and Research Foundation (NCPERF), homeowners can offset the cost of installing new propane appliances.

Save $600 on a tankless water heater!

For starters, rebates of up to $300 are available for a wide range of propane-fueled equipment, from furnaces and gas packs to tankless water heaters and cooktops/ranges.

But you can save even more! For example, ask us to install a qualifying propane tankless water heater and you can be eligible for $200 in rebates from the North Carolina program, another $100 in Rinnai rebates and a $300 federal tax credit. That’s a savings of $600!

Call us or visit PropaneNorthCarolina.com and click the “Rebates & Coupons” page for further details.

Don’t wait too long. These rebates are only available while funds last!

Ask the Expert

Jessi Brice

Q: I don’t want to worry about big delivery bills this winter; what can I do?

A: Our EasyPay plan lets you spread out your propane payments across as many as 11 months. That’s a much better option than paying for your delivery all at once. Enroll now and you could be eligible for big discounts: 10¢ per gallon for switching to automatic deliveries and 3¢ per gallon for joining EasyPay.

Q: Can I use your website to make payments instead of mailing a check?

A: Yes. You can pay your bill and make your service appointment online too. Browse through our site to learn more about our products and services, read our informative blogs and much more.

Tell Us What You Think

Girl shoveling snow

Last winter, a customer posted this comment on our Facebook page:

“There was an ice storm today and we were completely out of propane. So thankful for the man who was taking on this weather and delivered today. Thank you so much.”

We’re very proud of the high ratings we’ve earned on customer-review sites like ReviewBuzz as well as on our own Facebook page.

When we get a positive review, we don’t rest on our laurels; we try to do even better. But we know we aren’t always perfect. When a customer feels we’ve let them down, we’ll respond quickly and do whatever we can to make things right.

We’d love to read what you think! Please post your reviews on our Facebook page and your favorite review site.