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forklift cylinder exchangeSo many businesses here in eastern North Carolina rely on forklifts to get the job done, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Construction
  • Paving companies

Parker Gas has been providing propane services to businesses in our area since 1968. We understand locals businesses and what you need. That’s why we offer our forklift cylinder exchange program.

The Parker Gas forklift cylinder exchange program is the safest and most efficient way to keep your company’s propane forklifts fueled so you maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

The Parker Gas difference

Parker Gas goes way beyond just providing the propane forklift cylinders. We provide personalized service and a forklift cylinder exchange program tailored to meet your business’ needs and protect your bottom line.

Here’s where Parker Gas goes above and beyond what any large national propane company does for local businesses like yours when it comes to a forklift cylinder exchange program.

Customized scheduling. Your needs when it comes to forklift cylinders are unique. That’s why we’ll work with you to create a schedule of delivering full cylinders and picking up empty ones so you can be assured that your forklifts will have the fuel they need at all times.

Flexible service agreements. You choose how long you want your forklift cylinder exchange service. Month-to-month or long-term contracts are available.

Dedication to safety. We understand the regulations of each of the counties we serve, and will make sure your cylinder exchange meets those. You can feel safe knowing that all Parker Gas are Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) employees. We will train your employees in all matters relating to safety, including the safe handling of propane cylinders.

Proper storage. We’ll set up cages to safely store your forklift cylinders for easy access.

Cylinder supervision Parker Gas makes sure that all forklift cylinders we deliver are date-current and have been carefully inspected for leaks.

Advantages of propane forklifts

More and more local businesses that use forklift are switching over to propane as they’re discovering all of the ways propane forklifts are better than all other kinds.

Propane forklift cylinders keep a forklift running for about eight hours. And if they do run low or run out, all your employees have to do is swap out the empty tank for a full one. In less than five minutes, your forklift driver is back on the job. Electric forklifts, on the other hand, are sidelined for at least eight hours for recharging when they run out of power.

Electric forklifts lose power as their battery drains, but propane forklifts run at full power as long as there’s propane in the cylinder. Propane forklifts can also carry heavier loads, are better than electric forklifts on inclines, and, most electric forklifts, can run in wet conditions.

Get in touch with the commercial propane experts at Parker Gas to get started on creating a forklift cylinder exchange program to fit your business’ needs!

Parker Gas service is just a click away!