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easy pay budget plan

Eliminate cold-winter price spikes with level billing

Cold weather always brings higher heating bills—along with holidays and other seasonal expenses. That’s why many of our customers appreciate our Easy Pay budget plan, which establishes one set, predictable monthly payment for 11 months. It replaces unpleasant price spikes with regular, level payments that make it much easier to plan ahead, stick to a budget and save.

Easy Pay is an easy way to save

We simply look at your family’s past usage and calculate an average monthly payment. For new customers, we generate an amount based on the usage of other customers near you with similar needs. If at the end of the plan’s cycle, you used more propane than anticipated, we will bill you for the overages. If you used less than anticipated, we will write you a check for the difference or credit it to your next year’s Easy Pay plan.

Additional savings

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