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Make the switch with propane conversion service from Parker Gas!

propane conversionPropane does a lot for a home. Its versatility and efficiency make your living spaces better both indoors and out.

If your home isn’t powered with propane, you’ll be surprised at how easy converting to propane is, especially when it’s done by the experts at Parker Gas!

Switching your home to propane can take as little as two days. The technicians at Parker Gas have the skills and training to get the job done safely and right the first time, while disrupting your home life as little as possible.

There are many reasons that propane is a great energy choice. It’s a clean-burning fuel that provides an efficient alternative to electricity, and you can use it in a variety of ways.

Propane offers reliable, even heating with efficiencies that reach as high as 98%. And thanks to the fuel’s clean-burning properties, propane heating equipment, such as heat pumps, can last up to 10 years longer than their electric equivalents, saving you money. Propane water heaters are also energy efficient and durable.

With a propane gas clothes dryer, your laundry dries faster than it would in an electric dryer. You also get better energy efficiency and fewer wrinkles.

Propane ranges offer precise and even heating, and instant temperature control that electric ranges can’t compete with.

Enjoy comfort and warmth with a propane fireplace or hearth without all the work and mess of a wood fire. If you have unheated spaces in your home, like a sunporch or a garage, you can use them all year round with propane space heaters.

Protect your home with a propane whole-house backup generator, which will keep the lights on, critical appliances like the refrigerator powered, essential medical equipment like home dialysis running, and electronics charged.

While you may know about running your BBQ grill with propane, there’s a whole lot more the fuel can do to make your home a destination for outdoor fun.

You can enjoy your pool and spa earlier in the spring and later in the fall with propane pool and spa heaters.

Propane outdoor fireplaces and firepits create warm, cozy spots for relaxing with family and friends.

Looking at converting your North Carolina home to propane? The professionals at Parker Gas can help you through the entire process. Contact us today to get started!

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