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propane cylinder refill

Bring your empty tank to any of our facilities during business hours whenever you need a propane cylinder refill. We provide quick and easy, no-wait portable propane tank fill-ups at all of our locations in the Smithfield, Newton Grove, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Mt. Olive and Clinton areas of North Carolina.

Tanks must be in good, safe condition

We cannot refill tanks with excessive rust, corrosion or other damage.

Keep in mind that DOT cylinders must be re-certified after 12 years from the manufacturer date. This must be done by a registered inspector with the DOT. Visual re-certifications are done once every 5 years after the first. Each cylinder must pass a checklist provided to us by the DOT that must be done by the inspector. If your cylinder is not approved, we cannot fill it.

Important information for transporting cylinders:

Questions? Contact us for more information on propane cylinder refill and regulations.

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