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Save money, increase efficiency and improve comfort with propane gas

propane can do that

Why are so many folks choosing propane gas? Propane gas provides terrific value and it’s a domestically sourced, eco-friendly alternative for heating your home or business. It’s also an efficient option for running a wide range of home appliances that can help lower electric bills.

The U.S. has a plentiful supply—in fact, we produce enough propane in this country to export it—helping keep prices down.

Propane gas heats quickly and burns cleanly, for a smaller carbon footprint than oil or electricity. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating with propane costs on average 2.5 times less per Btu than heating with electricity. When it’s combined with the latest high-efficiency equipment, your savings could be significant compared to an electric heating system.

Propane gas puts less wear on equipment, so your system is easier to maintain, breaks down less and lasts longer—making a propane system a better investment.

Home Heating
Water Heating
Gas Grills
Swimming Pools
Patio Heaters

And then there’s the extensive range of household appliances and other equipment that can run off propane: water heaters, ovens and ranges, outdoor lighting, patio heaters, pool and spa-tub heaters, outdoor grills and indoor and outdoor fireplaces, not to mention backup generators.

Lastly, propane gas is extremely safe. Nontoxic, it can’t harm soil or groundwater, and it has a very narrow range of flammability.

Is it any wonder why, according to the Department of Energy, 57% of U.S. homes count on gas for heat? If you have questions about how you can increase your comfort and save with propane, contact us today.

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