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propane generator

Backup generators for peace of mind

From thunderstorms and hurricanes in the summer to snow and ice storms in the winter, bad weather can bring down power lines and knock out power in your North Carolina home for days at a time.

But a quality, reliable Briggs & Stratton propane backup generator from Parker Gas can keep your home warm, safe and comfortable no matter how long the power is out.

Rest easy and save money with a propane generator

Our Briggs & Stratton propane generators are quiet, extremely efficient and clean-burning with low emissions. Not only that, they are less expensive to run than gasoline-powered generators.

Parker Gas is a Briggs & Stratton authorized dealer. Whether you need a generator just to keep the lights on, the food in the fridge and freezer cold, and the phones charged, or you have a larger home or more needs such as power for medical equipment like home dialysis or electric wheelchairs, our equipment professionals have the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the right Briggs & Stratton propane generator for your home.

We not only sell Briggs & Stratton’s lineup of top-quality propane generators, we also provide installation, maintenance, and repairs by trained and experienced service technicians. Contact us to find out more about the financing and maintenance packages we offer.

Parker Gas can also can deliver the propane you need so your generator is ready to help you weather the storm!

Ready to protect your home with a Briggs & Stratton propane generator? Get in touch with us or stop in at one of our showrooms in Fayetteville, Smithfield, Newton Grove, Wilmington, Mt. Olive and Clinton.

Parker Gas service is just a click away!