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Storm Season’s Here – Be Prepared with a Whole House Generator

We’ve officially entered 2016’s storm season – one that experts predict will be an active one. With severe weather comes increased risk for a power outage – a problem that can range from inconvenient to downright dangerous.

16 for 2016: Tips for Safe Propane Grilling

Memorial Day is fast approaching – which means it’s time to get your propane barbecue in shape for a safe and fun outdoor cooking season.

Here are 16 tips to make your 2016 propane grilling season safe and enjoyable for your family:

The Seven Gifts of Propane

We like to think of propane as the gas that keeps on giving – all year long in every part of your house.

What do we mean? Consider these great propane rewards:

Parker Gas: Your Headquarters for Outdoor Living Products

Spring at last—with summer not too far away. Warmer temperatures, blue skies, and sunny days will be teasing you to enjoy the outdoors again and again.

Important Information about Your Fuel Deliveries

Do you get automatic deliveries from Parker Gas? If you do, then you probably know that we compile important information that allows us to schedule your deliveries accurately and always keep enough propane in your tank.

Save Money on Heat With Safety in Mind

From Clinton and Fayetteville to Smithfield, Newton Grove and Wilmington, everyone wants to save money on heat, but sometimes, people go to extremes, putting their safety in jeopardy.

Safety Tests for Your Propane System

Some of our customers who call for their fuel have asked us why we need to do a system leak test when their tank runs out of propane. Safety codes require us to perform a system leak test before refilling your tank and relighting your appliances. Here’s why.

Never Run Out of Propane with Comfort Guard…

or your next fill up is free!

Never run out of propane again! Parker Gas now offers Comfort Guard*, a new wireless system to monitor your propane levels.

Propane is Made for North Carolina Winters

This season, many of our North Carolina customers have been asking us to improve their heating situation at home. They’ve told us they don’t want to go through another winter feeling cold because their electric heat pump is not getting their home warm enough. Our solution is to bring in some much-needed propane heat.

Winter is Around the Corner

Though we hate to say goodbye to summer, winter is around the corner, and it’s very important to think ahead when it comes to our next heating season.

Make sure you’re prepared, so your home and family are safe and warm these months.

Clean, Affordable Propane for Your Small Engines

You may know that propane is a fuel that produces far fewer emissions than gasoline. It also offers savings of 30% to 50% compared to gasoline. But did you know it’s ideal fuel for small engines and lawn mowers?

Propane is efficient and clean-burning, giving off 20% less carbon monoxide, 40% less nitrogen oxides and 10% less carbon dioxide than gasoline.

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Living

Summer at last. Warmer temperatures, blue skies, and sunny days lure you outside. If you’re planning to do any of your eating, entertaining, or relaxing out there, let us help you make the most of your outdoor living.

Food and Fire

Can You Really Get Enough Hot Water from a Tankless Water Heating System?

We continue to get a lot of questions from customers who are intersted in converting their old water heating storage tank to a propane tankless water heatering unit. Most people are frankly astonished when they learn that a little box mounted on a wall—instead of a bulky tank—can actaully make all of the hot water they will ever need. Here’s how it happens.

Being Safe When Mother Nature Surprises Us

Even though our winters tend to be milder than other parts of the country, we all know that Mother Nature still likes to surprise us Carolinians. That’s why it’s always a good idea to review ways to keep safe during extended bad weather. With that in mind, here are tips from the Propane Education and Research Council.

Feel Comfortable with Parker Gas

Besides being one of the most efficient fuels you can use, propane is one of the cleanest too. If you need propane fuel delivery, you can depend on us to deliver the best possible propane gas pricing and service.

We’re a reliable propane equipment company, too, because we understand our customers and the industry better than impersonal “big box” stores.

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